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Shangri-la Your Way: Seven Ideas for Living Paradise on Earth

By T. Kari Mitchell November 25, 2023 Mindset

I’m intrigued by the mythical land of Shangri-la – that magical location that symbolizes perfection.

James Hilton talked about it in his 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, and song lyrics have referenced that idyllic place where you experience a perpetual state of happiness and elevated consciousness. In Hilton’s novel, people who reside in Shangri-la live way beyond the typical lifespan and are slow to age in appearance. Now that’s an attractive concept!

How Would You Describe Your Shangri-La?

What image comes to mind when you think of the blissful life? For me, an ideal existence would include optimal health, loving relationships, an ideal personal space, being honored and appreciated for my community service, and leading a life filled with purpose. Love, peace, passion and joy would be the accepted standard for each day.

I thought it would be fun to explore what a modern-day Shangri-la would look like and how we could try to devise a similar version of it in our own lives. Just how do we go about creating Heaven on Earth?

Invite the Garden to Dine with You

Nourish your body with goodness from Earth. Did you know that eating foods with rich, vibrant pigments can help you glow and live a long, healthy life? Color your meals with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables like berries, pears, squash, beets and dark leafy greens, to name a few.

When you eat right, you’re going to feel like a goddess. A balanced diet rich in phytonutrients will supply you with the energy you need to live the life of your dreams.

Also, to prepare for your spot in paradise, you’ll want to reduce your consumption of processed foods and excess sugar, and replace them with wholesome fare. You have to plan to live your best life! Plant-based meals may be your ticket to enter the golden gates. Develop new habits by making small changes today, and notice how you feel in a few short weeks.

Create a Peaceful Home Environment

Since your home is where you spend most of your time, you want it to be as comfortable and inspiring as possible. Eliminating mountains of clutter will allow you room to grow, expand and breathe more freely. Decluttering your outer space will create an inner peace, a welcomed condition in the land of bliss.

Indoor plants can add beauty and tranquility to your personal space, and provide valuable health benefits. Further, a refreshing new color scheme can revitalize your home and make you smile. Ahh! Imagine coming home to a warm and inviting palace? Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

Lighter living leads to higher living. If your home needs a major makeover, be patient. Utopias are not built in one day.

Commune with Nature

Rest and relaxation are vital to aging youthfully. Scheduled breaks can refresh your spirit and help you tackle everyday tasks. Do you enjoy being outdoors? Nature can assist in the rejuvenation process. It’s my spiritual supplement.

Complimentary natural therapy is always available under the trees. As you create your idyllic life, stroll through park-like surroundings to spark something magical in you. Nature is paradise! Plant yourself in the seasons and delight in the gifts that each has to offer.

Join a Community of Like-Minded People

We were not meant to live in Eden alone. We are social beings, and building friendships is one of our most rewarding experiences. Nurturing loving relationships is a critical component to living an extraordinary life. Spending time with supportive people makes the journey worthwhile. I believe our main purpose in life is to love.

Your tribe may be gathering for a great social cause or meeting within an uplifting spiritual community. You may want to join others who share a favorite hobby, or perhaps you’d like to spend more time with awesome friends. Get involved! We develop and thrive when we are linked together in sacred circles.

Live Generously and Harmoniously

Designing a happy, heart-centered life includes sharing your time, talent and treasure with others. There is no greater joy than being a blessing to someone else. Living generously does not have to be based on a plan. Be available to run errands and offer advice. When I leave home each day, I become a serotonin dispensary – distributing smiles and compliments to those I meet.

If you are participating in a service organization, choose volunteer work that is rewarding and sustainable. That is – commit to philanthropic opportunities that to get yourself pumping. Imagine you are a lightworker generating sunshine wherever you go.

Play Every Chance You Get

Committing to a regular fitness routine will help you navigate your divine journey. It will be challenging to zip around Zion unless you are physically fit. What constitutes a well-rounded move-more regimen?

Full-body workouts that promote strength, endurance and cardiovascular health will help keep you in shape while you fulfill your calling. Remember, you’re in charge of designing an enjoyable and sustainable personal fitness program that supports your lifestyle. Dance, play and give your inner girl a whirl!

Embrace Your Passions and Work Your Purpose

You are a unique expression of Spirit – there’s not another like you. Do you have a new vision for your life? When you cultivate your gifts and talents and send them out into the world, you are creating your Shangri-la. Without a purpose, we merely exist.

A clearly-defined intention is what keeps us relevant and passionate about life. You will discover greater satisfaction when you align your purpose with your daily adventures.

I believe we have the ability to create our own personal land of eternal contentment. Living a charmed life includes eating nutritious meals, creating an inspiring home, connecting with nature, associating with like-minded people, giving back through service activities, committing to a sustainable fitness routine, and working your purpose.

Can you imagine what your world would be like if you were fully expressing yourself in all areas of your life? You would be a fierce force of nature! Invite heaven home, and begin living your version of paradise.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What does your ideal life look like? Can you imagine yourself living it? Is there something that is obstructing it from becoming a reality? What can you do to remove that limitation?

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T. Kari Mitchell (TK), founder of Lifestyle 120, is an Inspired Aging Motivational Speaker & Integrative Wellness Coach. TK is dedicated to helping mature women flourish. Her Sprout Your New Life course provides women with tools to reclaim their health, confidence, purpose, and power so they can rock their golden years. Connect with TK at

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