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Does Love After 60 Matter? Is “Life Without a Man” a Viable Lifestyle for Women Over 60? (Video)

By Margaret Manning October 11, 2015 Dating

After 6 decades on this planet, you could be forgiven for believing that love after 60 doesn’t matter. After all, many of us have plenty of practice living alone. Quite a few of us even enjoy living by ourselves.

In this interview, I ask dating coach, Lisa Copeland whether “life without a man” is a viable option for women in their 50s and 60s. Then, we discuss whether love even matters. I think that you will find Lisa’s answers surprising.

Have You Convinced Yourself that You Don’t Need Love After 60?

List points out that, while there is nothing “wrong” with swearing off men, many women actually want intimacy, but, convince themselves that they don’t.

For example, many women try dating over 60 and find it harder than they expected. To protect themselves, they then claim that they don’t need men anyway. If you think about it, it’s the relationship equivalent of “You didn’t fire me… because I quit!” If this sounds like you, giving up on love after 60 may not be the answer. You may just need new dating techniques.

Marriage Isn’t the Only Option

Lisa reminds us that there are many kinds of relationships. Just because you aren’t interested in getting married after 60, doesn’t mean that you can have meaningful relationships. You can date men casually. You can look for a man who is interested in traveling with you. You can find a long-term partner, but, choose to live separately. The choice is completely yours.

I hope that you find this conversation useful as you decide what kind of romantic relationship (if any) you are looking for in your 50s or 60s. Enjoy the show!

What are your thoughts on this? Does love after 60 matter? Why or why not? What secrets can you share about finding someone special after 60? Please join the conversation.

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