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Memoir Writing Tips from a Professional Writer (Video)

By Margaret Manning February 08, 2014 Mindset

We all have amazing life stories to tell. In this latest episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I talk with Ben Gran, a successful freelance writer, about the process and importance of learning how to write a memoir.

Spark Your Creativity with these Memoir Writing Tips

We discuss how sharing your life experiences and recording your family history can be of great value to your children as well as to future generations. Your story can reveal who you were in a dynamic and personal way and connect them to their own family history.

Writing your memoirs can also help you personally, by allowing you to relive past memories and enjoy significant milestones and accomplishments in your life. Most of all, as an older woman, writing can help to clarify your life purpose and articulate what you stand for.

Ben and I also talk about how to hire a ghost writer if you have no idea how to write a book about your life. When you are finished, you self-publish your memoirs using online tools like CreateSpace from Amazon.

Finally, our discussion focuses on how writing an autobiography can help women over 60 express their strength, wisdom and experience. Sharing how life challenges were overcome is a powerful way to counter some of the stereotypes about aging and remove the invisibility cloak that often settles around older women.

Are you thinking about writing an autobiography? What did you think of Ben’s memoir writing tips? Please join the conversation.


“Write For Your Life” by Anna Quindlen – Be inspired to write an autobiography This is’s self-publishing service where people can print copies of their own memoirs/books and/or create Kindle eBooks

Writer Coaching from Ben Gran – If you want to get personalized advice from Ben on how to get started in writing (where to start with writing your memoir, how to structure your book, how to find help on Elance, how to be a better writer, etc.), you can hire him on his website. – This is a great place to find a freelance ghost writer or editor for your autobiography

Celebrate 60 years by writing your autobiography – read an earlier Sixty and Me article where we provide some useful advice

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