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New Guidebook for Widows Offers Hope, Financial Wisdom and a Positive Path Forward

By Margaret Manning February 05, 2018 Lifestyle

A husband’s death is one of the most difficult events that a woman will ever experience. It’s overwhelming, terrifying and, far too often, financially devastating.

Many women over 60 have been with their partner for over 40 years and part of their own identity was interwoven in that relationship. In many ways, losing your husband is even more traumatic than a divorce!

Widows Need a Guidebook to Learn New Skills and to Find a Positive Path Forward

Many women who are widowed experience life in a fog. They function in a daze for months or even years.

There are new roles to learn and a woman must deal with complicated emotions. For example, they might feel strong anxiety about new responsibilities and fears about money.

After sadness, the strongest emotion often circles around financial worries. So, when I discovered the book by Kathleen Rehl, who regularly contributes to Sixty and Me, called Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows, I wanted to share it with you.

Kathleen is a Widow Herself

Kathleen lost the love of her life after he suffered from a long illness. While dealing with her own grief, she learned to accept her situation and create a new life. Helping other widows became life’s mission.

She is honest about her own struggles as a new widow and she holds a great deal of empathy for others. This unique guidebook is presented in a beautiful format. It is designed to help us heal. But, it also focuses on more practical matters, such as money.

This award-winning guidebook helps widows to be more confident, knowledgeable and secure about their financial situation. It integrates basic financial information with self-reflective activities that build self-confidence.

Through her book, Kathleen invites widows to look at their money issues and then take action.

Taking One Step at a Time as a New Widow

A 6-page “Financial Steps for Recent Widows” is included in the book. It includes important checklists that can assist with organizing information, contacting an attorney, preparing taxes and finding a financial advisor. It covers understanding cash flow and liquidity, collecting benefits, adjusting health plans and other dealing with insurance.

The checklist also helps with reviewing assets and liabilities and completing the estate settlement.

Most importantly, it gives advice for how to take care of yourself during this a difficult time. It is all about setting new goals for the future and avoiding bad decisions.

Is This Guidebook for Widows for You?

Kathleen’s guidebook helps widows to move forward, emotionally and financially. It integrates basic financial information with self-reflective exercises.

The book includes beautiful paintings and photography, along with inspirational quotes. So, it’s not just about cold financial matters. It’s also about healing the heart.

This book can be read alone or in a group. It might be useful in a support group setting, congregation class or community gathering.

If you find yourself in the difficult position of being a new widow, I highly encourage you to check our Kathleen’s book.

You may want to read this book alone. Or, you could read it with a professional or in a group. It might be useful for a widow’s support group, congregation class or a women’s community gathering.

Have you or anyone you know become a widow? What advice would you give to the women in our community who have lost their partner recently? Let’s have a conversation.


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