Being a woman has never been easy. At the same time, it does feel like the pressure to be the “perfect woman” is only increasing. With every generation, women are increasingly being expected to do it all.

Worse, of course, than the pressure that we feel from others is the pressure that we put on ourselves. We have to be the “perfect mother,” “perfect wife,” “perfect friend,” and “perfect worker.” Or, do we?

Not so long ago, I wrote an article in which I gave some advice for younger women. It went on to be shared over 25,000 times in social media, showing just how open younger women really are to our advice.

I just came across this short video that I wanted to share with you. In it, a small group of older women say what they would do if they had a chance to be young again. Their thoughts are powerful, honest and thought-providing. Please take a few minutes to watch. Then, let’s start a conversation.

What would you do differently, if you were suddenly 20 again? What advice would you give to younger women? Please share this video and join the conversation.

Let's Have a Conversation!