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Medigap – Plugging Holes in Original Medicare

By Peter Keers December 25, 2022

As I mentioned in my earlier Sixty and Me blogs, Original Medicare (Part A and Part B ) covers most costs for hospital and doctor fees. However, there are some “gaps.” Most importantly, under Original Medicare, there are no limits on out-of-pocket expenses…

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Medicare Part B – What You Need to Know

By Peter Keers December 05, 2022

Medicare Part B, along with Medicare Part A, make up what is called Original Medicare. As I noted in my previous Sixty and Me blog, Medicare Part A covers inpatient care in a hospital and skilled nursing facility, hospice care and home healthcare…

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5 Ways Family Caregivers Can Protect Their Financial Health

By Danielle Miura November 14, 2022

Being a family caregiver doesn’t only impact you physically, mentally, and emotionally – it can also hurt you financially. It is not uncommon for family caregivers to utilize their financial resources to care for their loved ones…

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Medicare Part A – What You Need to Know

By Peter Keers November 11, 2022

As noted in my previous Sixty and Me blog, Original Medicare consists of Part A and Part B. This blog focuses on Part A which applies to inpatient hospital stays plus some other services. Part A (Hospital Insurance) covers…

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Why Do Long-Term Couples Seem to Die Close Together?

By Ann Richardson October 07, 2022

Some people avoid any discussion of death and dying, but I have always found the subject fascinating.
You are here one minute and gone the next. Very strange. And much harder for all those around you than it is for you, yourself…

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Long Term Care Guide

By Jessica Thomas August 14, 2022

The American population is aging at a dramatic rate, and this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, given demographic trends. The aging process is unique and looks different for everyone. However, as people age, many experience physical and cognitive decline. Sometimes, these declines are precipitous enough that the person may need additional […]

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How to Plan Your Elderly Care if You Don’t Have Children or a Spouse

By Carol Marak July 21, 2022

One question that many people ask themselves as they get a little older is, “Who will care for me when I’m old?” People with children do not want to be a burden – and they didn’t have a family for the sake of being taken care…

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Care Conversations – When and How to Have Them

By Anthony Cirillo May 16, 2022

Having a conversation about preparing for aging with mom or dad can be challenging. Heck, having them with a spouse is not a breeze either. Topics like finances, insurance, wills, estate planning, living situations, care and treatment plans…

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Caring for the Caregiver: 6 Ways to Get Help and Improve Your Health

By Connie Chow April 26, 2022

Caring for the caregiver is a key component in long-term caregiving. Without help, you’re more likely to become exhausted and severely stressed. That often leads to serious health problems and limits your ability to care for others…

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How Medicare Benefits Are Changing in 2022

By Lindsay Malzone December 23, 2021

Each year, Medicare benefits, i.e., terms of coverage, change, and for the most part, the costs increase. But Medicare isn’t the only option that sees changes. Medicare Advantage plans and Part D drug plans have coverage changes too…

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