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Menopause Weight Gain: 4 Tips to Halt the Dreaded Middle-Age Spread

By Julie Dargan February 25, 2016

In people’s younger years, they may have been coasting along, looking after themselves and maintaining a healthy body weight. Then they turned 50. All of a sudden, they find fat is being added to their body parts they never had to worry about before. Read More

5 Reasons Viking River Cruises Are an Amazing Value

By Sixty and Me February 17, 2016

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Viking river cruises aren’t cheap. In fact, for most of us, saving for a luxury river cruise is a multi-year process. Read More

How to Be Happier this New Year in 6 Easy Steps

By Margaret Manning January 01, 2016

What does happiness mean to you?

Often when people are young, we have a rather regimented idea of happiness – we might have thought, when we were younger, “I’ll be happy when I get to a certain place in my career,” or “I’ll be happy when I win the approval and esteem of my friends,” or “I’ll be happy when I can fit into that beautiful dress at the store,” or “I’ll be happy when I get to go on that nice vacation next summer.” Read More

Advice for Aging Skin: What Can You Do About Sun-Damaged Skin?

By Sixty and Me August 18, 2015

Most women I know love to spend time outside, doing sports, sunbathing or just hanging out. Unfortunately, our aging skin is the first thing to suffer from our fun in the sun. Read More

Can “Happy Foods” Really Boost Your Mood? Here’s What Science Has to Say

By Margaret Manning February 26, 2015

Recently, we’ve seen a number of claims on popular websites that “happy foods,” such as chocolate and coffee, can improve your mood. On the surface, these claims seem to good to be true. After all, who wouldn’t like to believe that having a Kit Kat with your morning coffee is the path to positivity and happiness? So, we decided to see what science has to say on this subject. Read More

Try Our Gentle Chair Yoga for Seniors DVD and Online Videos

By Margaret Manning December 28, 2014

  Experience the benefits of gentle yoga from the comfort of your chair! If you have always wanted to try chair yoga for seniors but weren’t sure if your body could handle it, this gentle video series is for you! Join us now and start giving your body the attention and love that it needs.   […]

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Here Are Our Favorite Gratitude Quotes to Inspire You this Thanksgiving Day

By Margaret Manning November 27, 2014

By the time we reach our 60s, we have a lot to be grateful for. After six decades of working, raising families and exploring our passions, there is a sense that we finally know what is important. This year as our friends in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day, let’s all take a few minutes to think about what we are grateful for. Let’s celebrate our children and grandchildren. Let’s appreciate our good health. Most of all, let’s be grateful for having made it this far and for all of the amazing opportunities that are still before us!

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Makeup Tips for Older Women: Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

By Margaret Manning March 30, 2014

  Finally… a makeup tips video series, designed just for older women. It’s not about anti-aging. It’s about positive aging. It’s about looking and feeling great at any age. Join celebrity makeup artist, Ariane Poole and Margaret Manning, founder of Sixty and Me, as they explore the fabulous world of makeup for older women. If […]

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What are the Health Benefits of Green Tea for Women Over 60?

By Margaret Manning August 13, 2013

Tea is one of the most ancient and most-traded commodities in the world. Every culture has its own traditions and heritage surrounding tea – such as my native England’s “tea time” or the tea houses of the Middle East, or the ritual “tea ceremony” of Japan. But, drinking tea is much more than a cultural pastime.  Read More

6 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Women Over 60

By Margaret Manning July 09, 2013

Why is it that we all know exercise is essential to a long and healthy life, yet only 32% of us over 60 regularly exercise? Nobel laureate, Daniel Kahneman, explains that we’re wired to take the easiest way to any goal, and as we age, we tend to further let ourselves off the hook. We’re going to have to trick ourselves into Read More