Do you feel like society tells you that you are “too old” to do certain things? Do you want to break out of your self-imposed chains and become the person that you always knew you could be? Then, my interview with personal development expert, John Tarnoff is for you!

The bottom line, John explains, is that personal development shouldn’t stop after 60. Contrary to popular belief, life after 60 does not have to be a time of inevitable physical and mental decline. In fact, in many ways, life in our 60s and 70s is the perfect time to follow our passions.

One of the best ways to reinvent yourself after 60 is to build a business around one of your passions. But, where should you start? How can you leverage the contacts and skills that you have developed over the years to build a successful company?

In our interview, John Tarnoff and I discuss the major social networking sites and other technologies that can give you an edge. Join John and I as we talk about how to use technology to scale your business and build the life that you deserve.

Do you agree that personal development shouldn’t stop after 60? What are you currently learning? Would you ever consider starting a business in your 60s? Why or why not? Please join the conversation.

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