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Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids Review

By Jessica Thomas January 27, 2021 Aging

Phonak is one of the most widely respected hearing aid manufacturers in the world. This brand understands that hearing loss can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. And, because of that, Phonak works to utilize a wide range of technology to bridge these challenges. Phonak also recognizes that hearing loss looks different for different people. The Company prides itself on offering a wide range of hearing aids, such as the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids, at dramatically different price points to meet these needs. 

Another thing that sets Phonak apart from some of its competitors is that the Company is also focused on the aesthetics of the products that it offers. Many hearing aid users do not want their hearing aids to be visible. And, if they are visible, then they want them to be as attractive as possible. For users who are concerned about this issue, Phonak products may be a great choice. 

The Phonak Marvel 

One of Phonak’s most popular products are the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids. Even within the Marvel, there are several specific offerings: 

Phonak Sky Marvel 

Designed for children the Phonak Sky Marvel has a unique operating system known as the AutoSense Sky OS. This operating system is designed to help children hear in relatively noisy settings, such as classrooms and playgrounds where traditional hearing aids may encounter difficulties. An added feature of the Sky Marvel is that it is available in a wide range of colors, including bright and fun colors for an adventurous child. 

Virto-B Titanium

Another important Marvel product is the Virto-B Titanium.  This product is remarkable for its very small size, designed for users focused on the aesthetics of their hearing aid solutions. Because it is made of titanium, it also offers unprecedented comfort and fit in the user’s ear canal. The Virto’s biometric calibration also means that it has some of the best on the market customization features.

Bolero Marvel

In addition to the above, there is also the Bolero Marvel. This behind-the-ear hearing aid is produced in two versions, the M-M and the M-PR. The two models offer similar features, but the M-M is geared for users with mild to moderate hearing loss, whereas the M-PR is designed to address more profound hearing loss. Both models are rechargeable and stream content from various devices direct to the wearer’s hearing aid. 

Marvel understands that the aesthetics of hearing aids are important. Because of this, the hearing aids are available in nine different colors to more accurately match your skin tone. 

The Phonak Hearing Aid App 

Phonak regularly pushes the technological envelope with what is possible, regularly introducing new innovations. One of these innovations is the myPhonak app. This app is designed to allow users to adjust their hearing aids to their own listening environment. This unique app also allows your audiologist to adjust your hearing aids remotely, saving you a trip to your local hearing aid center. 

All of the features mentioned above are important. But, reviews on the Google app store say that it does not always work as seamlessly as users would have hoped. The most commonly noted complaint by users is that they struggle to save customized settings and have to repeat the same process multiple times. 

Phonak Hearing Aid Prices 

One of the biggest consumer complaints about the Phonak hearing aid products is that the Company does not publicly provide its devices’ prices. As a result, many users feel that there is a lack of transparency about pricing. 

Most users report that the lower-level Marvel products can be purchased for roughly $2,000 per hearing aid device from comparison shopping secondary sellers. However, many of the Marvel category’s upper-level products can cost more than $3,000 per hearing aid, putting them squarely in the premium price category. 

Phonak Hearing Aid Problems 

Many users are extremely satisfied with their Phonak hearing aids. But, other users have reported problems that people should be aware of. One common problem that is mentioned is that the focus on aesthetics seems to come at the cost of a loss of durability. Many users report having to return their hearing aids for frequent repairs, which can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. 

Staying Connected

Another problem that is mentioned by some users is connectivity challenges. Like many modern hearing aids, the Phonak products are designed to allow users to integrate and stream content from a wide range of devices. But many are frustrated with this issue. 

Getting in Touch

A final concern that is widely noted is that Phonak is notoriously difficult to reach. There is a phone number available on the website, and there is also a form that people can submit with more detailed information. However, the phone number is not always answered, and some people report extended delays in getting a response to a submitted form. 

Phonak Hearing Aids: A Conclusion 

Without question, Phonak produces aesthetically attractive hearing aids that appeal to many users. Plus, the Company also regularly pushes the technological envelope, regularly introducing a wide range of innovations to improve people’s listening experiences. But, despite these positives, there are also downsides associated with the Phonak. First, Phonak products tend to be at the expensive end of the hearing aid market. Second, these products sometimes experience durability challenges. Finally, there are some ongoing challenges with the Phonak app that integrates users’ listening experiences. 

Overall, the Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid line is worth checking out if you’re in search of quality hearing aids. 

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