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Pro Makeup After 50 Tips: How to Stop Your Lipstick from Entering the Fine Lines Around Your Mouth

By Margaret Manning December 12, 2018 Interviews

Age can play a trick on many of us, especially when it comes to making lipstick stay where it’s supposed to. Join us in this discussion with professional makeup artist Ariane Poole who has some great advice to share. Enjoy the show!


Margaret Manning:

My guest today is professional makeup artist Ariane Poole who works with both celebrities and everyday women all around the world. Her main focus is on helping women look and feel on the outside like they do on the inside – vibrant, positive, and full of life.

I’m really happy to have her here to answer the questions that our community has put for her. Ariane, it’s wonderful to see you.

Ariane Poole:

It’s wonderful to be here, Margaret. I love the questions that your community puts forth because they are really good.


They’re real women, and this is what your business is all about. We appreciate that you are so open to talking about different beauty products and techniques.


All from different ranges, too. I don’t expect everyone to use just one brand. We like to mix it up. You might have your old favorite, and then you just add something new from some other range. It’s brilliant.


I think people appreciate your openness and feel comfortable asking you questions because they know you’re going to give them a real answer based on your experience.

The question we have for you today has to do with lipstick. I am one person who thinks that lipstick really brightens my face, but it often happens to run into the fine lines around my mouth. So, how do we stop that from happening?


There are a couple of reasons why you might get those fine lines in the first place. One is if you’re a smoker or past smoker. But also, if you drink a lot of drinks through straws, because it’s the same motion, or if you pout frequently, which many of us do unconsciously. Really, it can happen to anybody.

So, here are the reasons why your lipstick might migrate to those fine lines. One is using a super glossy or very creamy lipstick without using a lip liner first. But the biggest culprit I’ve noticed, and I am guilty of the same, is smacking our lips together after we’re done applying the lipstick.


Those are really good points. For me, what you said about the lip liner is really important. I’ve learned to line my lips at the outer edge then fill them in with the pencil, which dries them up a bit.


And that keeps in your lipstick and lip color.


Lip gloss, too, can have your lipstick running into your fine lines. What I would do is apply just a little bit of gloss on the bottom lip, trying not to go over the edge because it will creep.


Smacking your lips together is the biggest reason. But let me give you a demonstration of how to apply lipstick the right way. First though, if you’re looking at caring for your lips, there is a little device that I like to use. It’s called GloPro.

The best way to do this is on a clean face, in the evening. You don’t have to do it every single day, either. So, what the GloPro does is, it stimulates your own collagen by damaging your skin with tiny micro pins. Over time, not immediately, it helps to puff out your lips.

I’ve been using this gadget on my face for quite some time and can tell you it’s one of my must-haves. I started using it around my lips when I noticed that the lines around my lips were getting a little bit more noticeable – all of that because I’d pout when concentrating.

Another thing I would suggest doing at nighttime is to use your favorite hydrating eye cream around your lip line. Eye cream is very rich, which is exactly what you need around those fine lines.


I like how you started by talking about skincare regime rather than makeup products. You’re saying that yes, you can put a lip liner on, you can put concealer around, but the most important thing is to puff your lips a little using these techniques.


They really help, too. Then, I’m going to use this invisible lip liner that I’m looking to release some time in the near future. It has got no color, and I know that there are other companies that might do the invisible lip liner as well.

So, I’m not actually using it as a lip liner, but I’m applying it further out around the lips to act as a barrier. It’s great for all skin tones and types.


If you don’t have that particular pen, could you use foundation around your lips?


I would use a highlighting pen. The foundation might be a little bit creamy and might actually go into the fine lines and make them look a little bit more pronounced. But if you use your concealer pen or wand, those can work.

After I do the invisible pen, I follow up with a lip liner. I usually go for a color close to my natural pigment because that’s what works for me. I’m not recommending any brand or shade because every one of us has a different base to our lips. What you want to do is get the liner that’s right for you.

I’m going to fill in my lips, then use a creamy lip balm on top.


So, it’s a combination of doing some treatments first to smooth out the skin around the lips and to puff them out a bit, and then using either the invisible liner or concealer to give them depth. And you finish with your lip liner and lipstick.


It’s really easy and you can use your favorite lipstick. If you’re going for a gloss, I would suggest that you lightly pat your lips with a tissue to take some of that gloss off and so that you’re not tempted to smack your lips.


This is a really simple solution actually. It consists of taking care of the skin around your mouth like you do with the rest of your face, and then using the application techniques Ariane mentioned.

My personal question here is this: If I notice that my lipstick is creeping into those fine lines, should I reapply my pencil?


The thing is, everyone is so different. On some people, lipstick lasts forever. Other people can’t hold even long-lasting ones. So, do whatever works for you. If you feel that you need to touch it up throughout the day, by all means, do so. There’s nothing wrong with that.


I’m going to try your suggestions because I’m one of the people who really wanted to hear your advice. Thank you so much, Ariane. If you have any questions for Ariane, please leave them in the comments below. She is known to sneak in and follow the conversation.


I like looking at the questions and answering them, because I love connecting with your community. They’re my community as well.


You’re part of our family. Thanks, Ariane. We’ll talk again soon.

What do you do to keep your lipstick from running into the fine lines around your mouth? Have you found any special products that do a great job with that? Please share your thoughts and recommendations below.

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