None of us manage to escape the annoyance of eye bags or dark circles – no matter how much we try!
Some of us need to deal with one issue more than the other, but even for those of us lucky enough not to have this problem on a daily basis, all it takes is one bad night’s sleep!

If you detest your under eye baggage and want some quick tips to tackle them, you’ll love today’s video with Ariane Poole!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret Manning is joined by makeup artist Ariane Poole, who shares some insider methods for dealing with those pesky bruised looking bags!

Is Your Concealer The Problem?

Are you still using a heavy, thick concealer with good coverage? Unfortunately, it might actually be making your dark circles and eye bags look worse! As we age, the delicate skin around our eyes thins out, and the concealers that worked when we were younger become too heavy.

The weight of a thick concealer actually creates the opposite effect – it literally drags our eyes downward, creating or emphasizing eye bags. Ariane suggests using a lightweight concealer or an illuminating pen such as the Ariane Poole Mineral Illuminating Pen.

The Crucial First Step For Makeup For Mature Women

The first thing to note about our eye area is that it has a tendency to get very dry, so it is essential to use a good eye cream or gel. Start by applying it in the evening before bed, and be sure also to use it under your makeup.

In today’s Sixty and Me Video, Ariane demonstrates a fantastic method of tapping to apply eye cream which has a bonus benefit – it helps to disperse fluid build-up! She suggests using an eye concentrate in the evening, and a firming cream before applying foundation.

How To Apply Concealer

There are ways to apply makeup over 60 to ensure you are targeting the right areas based on your age. As per usual, concealer should be used after foundation; however, a big mistake many women make is applying it too close to the eye line.

In today’s Sixty and Me video Ariane reveals a technique to apply concealer that you cannot miss! It is a two-step process – firstly, using a mineral illuminator to highlight around the eye area, and then the concealer should be applied at the point where your eye socket and eyeball meet. It really is worth watching!

Do you still use a thick concealer? How difficult do you find covering dark circles and eye bags? Do you have a favorite eye cream product you can’t live without? Let’s have a discussion!

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