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What the Heck is Up with Makeup for Older Women Prices? (3 Cost-Cutting Tips!)

By Sixty and Me November 29, 2018 Beauty

Between the flashy packaging and promises of youth in a jar, we’ve all been sucked into spending a small fortune on premium skincare and makeup products. If each of these products delivered the same result for every woman over 50, there probably wouldn’t be so many of them to choose from!

If you’ve ever been confused about the necessity of spending big on expensive products, you’ll love today’s video with Ariane Poole!


Margaret Manning is joined by Ariane Poole in today’s Sixty and Me video to discuss whether there are significant differences between inexpensive and premium products.

What Should You Spend Big On?

We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for.” If we go by this, it would mean any drugstore brand of makeup isn’t going to give you a good result – this is just not the case! Many expensive products do amazing things, but for every one of these, there is a cheaper product that may work for you just as well!

Everyone has a problem area that might need a little more attention and Ariane recommends using the right product for the problem. If this means you need to invest more money in an expensive foundation, so be it! However, it does not automatically mean it will need to be costly – you merely need to find the product that is right for you!

Margaret finds she needs to invest in good mascara, as she feels many brands clump and look overdone. For Ariane, a good foundation is the key to covering the redness in her skin. Everyone’s needs are different, and as Margaret says, “Don’t pay for the brand, pay for the right product.”

When Can Makeup For Mature Women Be Inexpensive?

We mix and match expensive with cost-effective for many things and this is always an excellent plan for makeup too. You might find mixing drugstore and premium brands not only means you are getting the right products for your skin but also your bank balance.

The trick is to try out as many testers or samples you can before purchasing to find the right balance between suitability and cost. Ariane finds she can get away with buying less expensive lip-gloss, balm, and lipstick but needs a premium brand for foundation.

Some people have a shoe fetish… and some people love handbags. If you’re a bit of a collector when it comes to makeup for older women, it might be worth thinking strategically!

If you like wearing a different nail varnish every few days, it might be worth considering a cheaper brand. That way, you can have a big collection without the significant investment!

What Is Always Worth Every Cent?

Whether you choose drugstore brands or high-end premium products, there should only ever be one thing you pay for – to feel good about yourself. At the end of the day, it really does not matter if you spend $5 or $50.

People rarely ask you what brand of makeup you are wearing, but they do notice if you look happy and it shows! As long as you feel like a million dollars when you walk out that door, it’s worth every cent!

What makeup product do you splash a little extra cash on… and what do you save on? Do you have a secret stash of certain products? What brands do you feel offer you the best value-for-money? Why do you think makeup for older women is so darn expensive? Join in the conversation!

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