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Revive a Weary Spirit with a Day Trip in Any Season

By Karen Margaret Kay January 03, 2023 Travel

Are you winter-weary and in need of a revival for your spirit and your soul? Or maybe you have a mild case of the letdown we sometimes experience after Christmas?

So much activity, socializing, and busyness in the month of December and then, suddenly, not much to look forward to except cold days and lots of snow shoveling (at least in the part of the world where I live).

In my younger years, I loved winter and as an avid skier, welcomed lots and lots of snow. But as a solo woman in her mid-60s, I could do without all of that now. And yet, I still need activity and something to look forward to in any season.

In fact, having something to look forward to is generally regarded as one of the keys to happiness. Improved mental health is a side effect!

The Joy of Anticipation

One of the things that revives my spirit and fills me with joyful anticipation any time of the year is a one-day excursion.

Budget-friendly and priceworthy, professionally organized short trips provide opportunities for me to learn more about my surrounding communities and visit sites that I might not take in on my own.

John Steinberg said, “People don’t take trips; trips take people,” and I couldn’t agree more. Even little trips can transport us to another world, open our eyes to new perspectives, and take us away from the mundane that lies in too much routine.

I am fortunate enough to live in a city with a top-rated bus touring company which provides fantastic trips all around the world, but also offers one-day getaways.

For a very reasonable price, they provide transportation, a savoury hot meal, and entrance fees to whatever we are viewing that day. The tour guides are always knowledgeable, engaging, and even humorous.

What better way to spend a day out than with like-minded, interesting folks (mostly seniors but also some young people). I love to go with a close friend as it gives us time to chat on the bus without having to concentrate on driving.

If none of my friends is available to join me, I go by myself. I always end up talking to the most interesting people and have made some new friends along the way. The benefits of short bus excursions are numerous:

  • Everything is planned out for you.
  • No worries about fighting traffic or finding parking. Totally relaxing!
  • No flight delays or lengthy lineups at Customs.
  • Lots of fun!
  • Sleep in your own bed at night!

Something for Everyone

The possibilities are endless. You can take in seasonal festivals like a Cranberry Festival or Maple Syrup Festival. Like to shop? There are trips to Outlet Malls and Home Shows.

Enjoy the arts? Take a trip to see a play or visit a museum or even botanical gardens. Or how about some gambling with a trip to the casino? Some of my favourite excursions are to lakeside resorts where a boat cruise is usually included with lunch on board.

My next trip will be a Mystery Tour – the destination is a surprise. It’s called a Winter Warmup tour. I can hardly wait!

A few summers ago, I went to the Elvis Festival and watched very talented Elvis impersonators on street stages. In between, I walked around the lakeshore and had a wonderful lunch by myself at a patio café.

On the return trip, I met a woman from my home town. We remain close friends to this day. Don’t be afraid to go alone, because you never know who you might meet!

It took a while for me to get comfortable going on these little trips by myself. However, going alone forces me to be more outgoing and initiate conversations, thereby stepping out of my comfort zone.

And getting out of our comfort zones can provide healthy benefits to the brain, creating new neural pathways as the brain registers these ‘new activities’.

In addition to the joyful anticipation that short trips provide, there is the savouring and reflecting upon new memories afterwards. Photographs, even selfies, are encouraged.

Not every day is Christmas and not every day is special. Too many ordinary days can lead to boredom, a lack of joy, and even fatigue. So, it’s crucial to plan activities that revive our spirits and nurture our souls.

Try celebrating life by treating yourself to a one-day excursion. The benefits will last longer than just a day!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What kinds of activities help you to restore your energy and revive your spirit? What suggestions do you have for one-day excursions, especially if there are no bus touring companies where you live? Please share your experiences with the adventurous ladies in our community!

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Where I live…there is no such thing as a bus day trip anywhere. If we do a day trip we take it in our own car. Sometimes it becomes an overnight so that we can slow down, shop, take in the sights and meander home. We live about 65 miles north of the Gulf, so our favorite day trip is a beach town w/ great restaurants and shopping that we don’t have locally. Being in a beach town is like a whole other world for us. Northeast of us about 5 hours are mountains. So, we can take short trips for a wide range of landscapes and national parks.

The Author

Karen Margaret Kay is a retired Career Counsellor who now enjoys gardening, yoga, writing, and spending time outdoors. Having travelled extensively in the past, she is now seeking simpler pursuits as she adapts to life in her sixties. Karen’s passion is to help women adapt and find happiness during times of transition.

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