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10 Pro Makeup Artist Tips to Save Money and Help Us Look Flawless (VIDEO)

If you’d like to save money on makeup products, prevent frustration, and help your makeup look even more flawless, here are some tips that can help you accomplish one (or more!) of these objectives.

#1 Use to the Last Bit – or Drop

You know how you can still see product in a tube but it’s not easy to get out – and you don’t want it to go to waste, right? One tip is to submerge the bottom half of the product in warm water for a few minutes to loosen it up. This method can also work well for mascara.

#2 Unclump Mascara

Have an old-ish mascara? Add a couple of drops of saline solution to the tube. This not only can help prevent the mascara from clumping, but it can also extend the life of the product.

#3 Watch that Brush

The shape and size of a mascara brush can make a big difference in how good our mascara looks. So if you have just used up an expensive mascara that you really loved, save the brush and sanitize it. Then try using the brush with a less expensive product.

Often you’ll find that using the brush from the more expensive mascara can make a significant improvement in how your eyelashes look when using a less expensive brand.

#4 One More Use of Powder

To create fluffier and fuller lashes, apply a small amount of translucent powder onto the bottom of your lashes and then apply a second coat of mascara over the powdered lashes.

A makeup tool that works well for the application of the powder is a small fan brush. And, here’s a bonus tip. This small fan brush can also help make our lashes look even better if used to wiggle mascara into the root area of the lash hairs.

#5 Prevent a Break

Have you ever experienced a makeup pencil – whether it be a lip liner or eyeliner or brow pencil – break when you sharpen it? Put the pencil in the refrigerator or the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening it. This will keep the pencil from breaking off.

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#6 Soften that Contour

In previous articles and videos, I’ve talked about the possibility of making contour products look more flawless by brushing along the contoured edges with a foundation brush so there’s no harsh line.

But what also works really well is to actually use the foundation brush to apply our contour product. This will definitely create a softer look for the contour.

#7 Moisturize Away

We can add a little light and blendable moisturizer to many different products to make them more luminous and easier to apply – which can certainly save us some time. For instance, the moisturizer can be mixed with stick and cream blushes and highlighters as well as some powders.

It’s also possible to turn our foundation into a lightly tinted moisturizer. Just mix a penny size amount of moisturizer and foundation on the back of your hand and then apply this mixture.

To create a tinted moisturizer with a dewier look, just add a drop of liquid highlight to the mix. Or, for a summery looking tan glow, add a drop of a gel bronzer or a deeper colored liquid highlighter like Rare Beauty’s Transcend.

#8 A Damp Sponge, Anyone?

Use a slightly damp makeup sponge to apply setting powder by gently pushing it into the skin. It may seem a little counterintuitive to apply a powder with a damp sponge. However, you will find that your makeup not only stays in place, but your skin will look less dry as well. And if you have some texture, it creates a truly lovely, airbrushed look.

#9 Set Your Makeup

Don’t forget to use a setting spray, like Urban Decay’s All Nighter or a luminous skin mist spray like Tatcha’s Dewy Luminous Skin Mist.

But rather than spraying it directly on the face – which can sometimes result in disturbing mascara, getting the spray into the eyes or having an uneven application – spray it on a makeup brush or a slightly dampened sponge and gently press it into the skin.

Spraying it onto a brush or a makeup sponge can also decrease the amount of spray product we use – which saves money.

#10 Don’t Spare the Glow

This last tip can be really fun. Take just a very small amount of either silver or gold cream or powder eyeshadow and lightly pat it onto the center of your bottom lip to create some added glow and luminosity.

How do you save money on your makeup? Do you simply purchase cheaper brands, or do you make use of special money saving tips? Have you tried any of the tips discussed above? Please share your most favorite money saving makeup tip.

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