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“Shopping for the Real You:” This Book May Have You Rethinking Fashion After 60

By Margaret Manning March 07, 2018 Lifestyle

I love fashion. Color, texture and style have always had a powerful impact on my life. For example, when I am shopping, I often will tune into my color of the day based on my mood. Then, I find myself attracted to items in that color family.

I usually gravitate towards colors in the pink, peach, turquoise and purple family. I feel that those colors resonate with my personality.

The truth is that I love wearing clothes and accessories that define who I am and say something about my personality!

The Emotional Power of Color

For years, I have been intrigued by the way I am drawn to some colors and have a visceral and often negative response to others. For example, I have never owned anything yellow and there is very little navy blue in my wardrobe.

So, we are all unique and wonderfully different in our fashion choices and use clothing and color to communicate our preferences.

Andrea Pflaumer is an author who understands the complexity of color and I found myself totally intrigued while browsing her book called Shopping for the Real You.

Is Shopping for the Real You… for You?

In our 60s, we experience many fashion-related transitions.

We may have given up the corporate clothes we wore for years and replaced them with comfortable even more bohemian clothes. Or, we may be shaping a different look completely or looking for just an updated personal style.

So, for a woman who has found herself questioning whether her clothes and accessories reflect her new 60 personality, the advice and insights shared by Andrea in her book are very useful.

Andrea takes a very practical approach. To start with, she offers four color fans, one for each of the style archetypes she describes. This helps a woman align her personality to the clothing she chooses. And, for someone who really don’t know where to start, there is a detailed questionnaire to help women identify their style archetypes.

What makes the book applicable to women over 60 is Andrea’s discussion about the art of aging with style. In her book she suggests that good fit and quality fabrics can be the foundation for an attractive and comfortable wardrobe.

By knowing our body shape and the colors that make us shine, the woman we want to be can emerge and enjoy life in our 60s.

Andrea also reminds us that this is the time of our life when we really can dress for the lifestyle we want. The changes that happen to our body are to be embraced and not denied.

By using fashion to express the “real you,” it’s possible to manifest the personality we want and focus on more important things in life. We can challenge aging stereotypes and live with passion and purpose.

If you are interested in fashion, I would love you to check out Andrea’s book, Shopping for the Real You. She is a good friend of Sixty and Me.

How would you describe your style? What are your favorite colors when it comes to clothing? Have you read Andrea’s book? What did you think? Let’s have a chat!

A Few Words About Andrea Pflaumer:

Andrea Pflaumer is a shopping consultant and stylist. She is the author of Shopping for the Real You, She’s Got Good Jeans and the 10-lesson (free) Highbrow e-course, The Lazy person’s Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe. She blogs at her website,, and posts regularly to her Facebook page and on Pinterest.

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