Spirituality is not just a tool for addressing the challenges of aging. It is a key to reaching our potential at any age. This is the view of Carol Orsborn, who has written 21 books and dedicated her life to helping boomers to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Carol has a Masters of theology and a doctorate in religion from Vanderbilt University and does spiritual counselling in New York. She has a wonderfully upbeat and edgy perspective on the concept of “aging gracefully” and, during our interview, we discuss several alternatives to this term.

Carol believes that the journey to self-realization sometimes requires us to visit the darker side of our personality. This includes dealing with loneliness and depression.

In our conversation, we explore how developing a spiritual perspective can help us on our path to reinvention after 60. If you have ever found yourself dwelling on an evolving sense of spirituality in your life and want to understand how to use that perspective in your everyday life, this interview is for you!

Join Carol and I as We Discuss:

  • Carol’s perspective on the relationship between spirituality and aging
  • Whether we should see aging as a spiritual practice
  • How women in their 60s can learn how to accept aging
  • Why Carol describes midlife as a spiritual adventure
  • Carol’s perspective on the “appropriate aging myth” for older women
  • What spiritual journeys can women take in their 60s?

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Do you consider aging to be an opportunity for enhancing your spiritual practice? Do you agree that, sometimes, growing requires us to face our darker side? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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