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5 Surprising Things I Learned About Myself After Starting a Business in My 60s

By T. Kari Mitchell February 27, 2021 Mindset

If you have been thinking about starting your dream business, declare that this is the year to develop your plan and move your idea forward.

When many women approach midlife and beyond, they sometimes allow negative mind chatter to dominate their thoughts and influence their actions. They may think, “I’m too old. I’m not smart enough. My best years have passed.” Entertaining a limited mindset can keep you stuck and prevent you from pursuing what God has placed on your heart.

Planting the Seeds for Greatness

When I was in my mid-50s, preparing to retire from 32 years of teaching in the public school system, I received a powerful nudge to continue my life of service in a different way, by starting my own business – the type of business that would help others achieve what was urgent in their lives.

At the time, I had no idea where to begin or even what that business would look like. But looking back, I realize that I was planting the seeds for my wellness business. My current work is the manifestation of believing, taking action, planting seeds, and watching them sprout.

Six years ago, at the age of 62, I launched Lifestyle 120. Today, I’m a motivational speaker, author and holistic health coach, and I have an empowerment curriculum for boomer women, a weekly blog and video series. But most importantly, I’m inspiring women to live their best lives by finding purpose in retirement.

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be helping to change the world’s view on aging by inspiring women to be their best, I would have wondered where you got your information.

In a relatively short time, entrepreneurship has taught me amazing things about myself that I would not have known otherwise. My hope is that this post will motivate you to jump into the ring and do your thing!

Here are five remarkable lessons I learned after starting my wellness business:

Outwit Crippling Fears and Ramp Up Personal Power

Many fears are often associated with the lack of confidence, insecurities, and unpleasant past events. I may have been naïve stepping into the unknown, but one epiphany stands out: I have an abundance of potential and am not limited by previous experiences.

Although I had a plan, I was open to a higher plan. I expected to feel fear, but overcoming fear is a choice and requires strategy. In fact, I knew that preparedness, clarity, focus, and trusting the process are prerequisites for success. I maintained an unshakable resolve, and as I saw positive results, my confidence grew.

Entrepreneurship is not for the timid. We must be willing to take risks, and like a rubber ball, bounce forward when something doesn’t work out as planned. One thing that helps me push past panic or disappointments is affirming that my mission is not all about me – it’s about serving others.

Passion Speeds the Learning Process

As a former public school educator, I embrace lifelong learning. However, I discovered that starting a business requires dedication to a totally new discipline.

I was surprised how quickly I realized that there were many unfamiliar concepts, programs, and systems required to promote and sustain my company. What keeps me excited about the learning curve is devotion and passion for my mission. When you’re committed to your dream, nothing seems insurmountable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

When I first got the idea for my business, I had many feelings of doubt and almost gave up. I thought, “How could a middle-aged woman, without business acumen, become a successful entrepreneur?”

Playing it safe, I decided to investigate opportunities closely related to my former profession – the road previously traveled. But that didn’t work.

I was being guided to use my strengths and talents in a different way – to do a new thing. Still, I had to go through a process of exploration, paying close attention to the signs that the Universe was placing on my path.

What I wound up doing is combining my love of teaching, my longtime passion for health and wellness, and my experience developing curriculum, while at the same time, strengthening a deeper relationship with Divine Spirit.

Integrating my skills and passions led me on a rewarding adventure, and I’m continuing to evolve. We must release the scarcity mindset and be receptive to increase.

Slow and Steady Yield Amazing Results

When I announced my grand opening, I thought I would see a long line. But most startups require cultivation. It takes time and determination for a garden to grow to its full splendor. Success doesn’t occur overnight. Heed the marquee flashing in your mind: Patience. Perseverance.

A daily diet of positive affirmations has a profound impact on your spirit. Continue to feed your faith and embrace your vision. Walk – don’t run. Stay true to course, enjoy the scenery, and keep being your best.

Release Perfectionism and Control

I’m still learning not to take myself too seriously, and I’m getting really good at being flexible. Control and perfectionism are tied to fear: Fear of being judged and the fear of making mistakes. But you can’t avoid missteps – how else do you learn valuable lessons?

Once I embraced the idea that my new business venture was a personal journey to something bigger than myself, I was able to begin to relinquish my control queen crown. Putting forth my best effort in everything I do is enough!

We must acknowledge our imperfections and laugh at our “mistakes,” which I prefer to call blind bloopers. We grow while undertaking challenges. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m headed in the right direction.

And another thing, in case you were thinking about trying to go it alone: Don’t! Swallow your pride and ask for guidance. I made it this far with the support of an amazing team of experts who believed in me.

Where Do You Begin?

If you are serious about exploring a startup, begin journaling. Consider what’s possible. Write everything that comes up for you.

What type of business do you want to start? You already have a pretty good idea. It has something to do with employing your interests, talents, and experiences in a unique way.

I always suggest that my followers and clients think higher than themselves and focus their attention on solving a problem they are passionate about or making the world a better place.

As mature, seasoned women, our hearts and souls are yearning to live a life of joy, passion, fulfillment, and service. However, some women think that when they approach their 60s, 70s, and beyond, it’s time to slow down and become passive, when actually, this is the critical time to expand and become actively engaged in creating something fresh and magnificent.

Your conscious decision to make your golden years count changes everything for yourself, which in turn benefits the world around you.

What do you want your legacy to be? I encourage you to take a risk. Discover what’s possible. Begin creating that dream business! It’s never too late to drive your dream home.

What type of business do you want to launch? Why? How do you deal with disappointments and setbacks in your profession? Are you an entrepreneur? What has been your biggest life lesson?

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The Author

T. Kari Mitchell (TK), founder of Lifestyle 120, is an Inspired Aging Motivational Speaker & Integrative Wellness Coach. TK is dedicated to helping mature women flourish. Her Sprout Your New Life course provides women with tools to reclaim their health, confidence, purpose, and power so they can rock their golden years. Connect with TK at tk@lifestyle120.com.

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