If you are looking for amazing book recommendations from other women over 60, you've come to the right place. Find new books to read and participate in fascinating discussions.

6 years ago

Author Brene Brown Encourages Boomers to Be Brave

Researcher, storyteller, and famed self-help author Brene Brown shares her wisdom from years of studying courage and vulnerability in her new book Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone. Read More

6 years ago

You Are Never Too Old to Join a Book Club!

There are people who love chatting about books. Then there are others who have no desire to join a book club. Which are you?

If you believe you are the latter, please continue, gentle reader. Read More

7 years ago

11 Book Recommendations for February 2017 from the Sixty and Me Community

I love winter! As I sit here writing this, I have a cup of steaming Lady Grey tea on my desk. Through the window, I can see little children playing in their starfish costumes, snow falling all around them. There are only two things that would make this day perfect – a roaring fire (sadly not an option given my modern, but, small apartment) and a good book! Read More

7 years ago

9 Book Recommendations for January 2017 from the Sixty and Me Community

January is here and with the winter weather in full force, I can’t think of a better time to curl up on the sofa with a good book! This month, as the smell of smoke fills the air and the landscape is painted a thousand shades of grey and white, we have some excellent book recommendations from our Sixty and Me sisters.

From historical fiction to science-fiction, there is sure to be something for you. Enjoy the following books in good health and in good spirits. Read More

7 years ago

Forget the Wine and the Attitude! Here’s What Starting a Book Club Really Requires

I have never wanted to join a book club. Oh, I know there are many excellent groups out there, whose members cherish their time together, but there are just as many dysfunctional book clubs that could turn any warm book-lover’s heart stone cold. Read More

8 years ago

Lessons from a Deep Thinker: Write On!

I was sitting at Ned’s Bar, last week, across the street from Madison Square Park, with my old friend Jeff. As we mused about life, like all Boomers do, he said: “loss in inevitable in life, unless you’re a hermit.” He certainly got that right: If we never connect with people, we won’t experience sorrow, but we also won’t experience love. Isn’t that one of life’s cruelest ironies? Read More

8 years ago

What is the Best Book that You Have Read Recently?

Like many women in our community, I am always looking for good book recommendations. I love books that make me look at the world differently. Read More

8 years ago

4 Powerful Reasons to Try Adult Coloring Books (Video)

If you search for adult coloring books, you will find thousands of websites offering products in all shapes and sizes. But, why are coloring books for grown-ups so popular? Isn’t the very idea of coloring a bit, well… childish? Absolutely not! Read More

8 years ago

Why the Book “The Secret” is Right for All the Wrong Reasons

A few years ago, Rhonda Byrne’s little book, “The Secret” took the world by storm. Her message was simple: if you want good things to happen to you, start thinking positive thoughts. If you imagine yourself becoming wealthy, the universe will, eventually, shower you with riches. There is even an example in the book that talks about how to use your mind to create open parking spaces. Boy, do I wish that worked for me! Read More

8 years ago

Jane Fonda’s Book, Prime Time, Fights Aging Stereotypes

The problem with aging stereotypes is that they can become self-fulfilling prophesies. When we see example after example in movies and on TV of older people getting grumpy, boring and disconnected from the world in their later years, we start to believe that this is “normal.”

Today, I came across an interesting analogy by Jane Fonda. I haven’t read her book, “Prime Time,” yet, but, the idea stuck out enough that I want to mention it here. Read More