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7 years ago

Lily Tomlin and Sam Elliott Appear Together in “Grandma” – Their New Roles May Surprise You

Two of my favorite actors of all time are Lily Tomlin and Sam Elliott, so, I was so excited to find out that they will be appearing in “Grandma,” a new film by Sony Pictures. In the film, Tomlin plays an opinionated, yet ultimately charming grandma, who is refusing to be invisible after 60. Read More

7 years ago

Sam Elliott is Back on “The Ranch” a New Netflix Series

Sam Elliott has always been a favorite of older women everywhere. There is something about his combination of genuine kindness and rough manly personality that makes us go crazy. In fact, when Sam turned 71, a few days ago, over 5,000 women in our community took the time to wish him a happy birthday! Read More

7 years ago

Judi Dench Says, “Goodbye Mr. Bond”

I don’t know about you, but, I’m a huge Judi Dench fan. From her endearing performance in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel to her entirely believable portrayal of Philomena, Judi Dench never disappoints. Read More

7 years ago

At 65, Sigourney Weaver Has Almost as Many Films to Her Name as Years Behind Her

Great news, Sigourney Weaver fans! Not only is Sigourney working on Alien 5, which is expected to release in 2017, but she is also expected to appear in three sequels to Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time. Read More

7 years ago

25 Years After the Release of “Pretty Woman”, Cast Reunites for One Night Only

When we asked the women in our Sixty and Me community to vote for this year’s “sexiest man over 60,” Richard Gere was the clear winner – and, while Julia Roberts still has a decade to go before her 60th birthday, it’s clear that she is one of the most radiant and stylish women of any age. Is it any surprise that we were so captivated when we first saw them together in Pretty Woman? Read More

7 years ago

2015 Movies that Will Make You Look at Aging Differently

Historically, Hollywood has done a pretty poor job of portraying the aging process in a fair and accurate way. Older people in the movies are usually grumpy, mean, forgetful and tired. They are seldom adventurous, energetic, funny and wise. Well, there are signs that Hollywood may finally be getting the message about aging. While aging stereotypes are still pervasive in the entertainment industry, studios are at least experimenting with more positive films about older people.

Here are 4 films that are coming in 2015 that will make you look at aging differently. Read More

8 years ago

Movie Club: On Golden Pond, Directed by Mark Rydell

On Golden Pond” is a classic movie that brings together some of the greatest actors of the 20th century. Its theme is timeless. Examining relationships at the end of life, it explores with compassion and honesty the importance of taking care of unfinished family business. Read More

8 years ago

Movie Club: Amelie, Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Amelie” is a French romantic comedy from 2001. This fantastic film is life affirming and heart-warming on so many levels. Whenever I watch this movie, it gives me a sense that all is well with the world. It revives my faith in people and reminds me of how we are capable of caring for each other, while living with our own priorities, fears, shortcoming and strengths. It also reminds me that we can change the world by being more sensitive to everyone’s struggles and personal journeys. Read More

8 years ago

Movie Club: The Way, Directed by Emilio Estevez

The Way” is a most inspiring film, showing that we can find solutions in the most unexpected places. In this film, Tom, played by Martin Sheen, is an American doctor who comes to France to collect the remains of his adult son killed in the Pyrenees during a storm. His son had been walking the 800km long Camino de Santiago, a path for pilgrims when he died. Tom leaves his familiar life in California and begins a journey that he hopes will help the healing process. Read More

8 years ago

Movie Club: The Notebook, Directed by Nick Cassavetes

The Notebook” may only be a decade old, but, it is already a classic. In fact, it is so well loved that the Sixty and Me community voted it as their favourite movie of all time.

On one level, this is a movie about the power of love. It also feels so real that you can’t help but get involved with the deep complexity of the characters in the movie as they experience the heartbreak of loss. Read More