What are your favorite movies, TV shows and bands? What are your favorite actors and actresses over 60? What about music performers? Let's explore the magical world of entertainment together!

8 years ago

Movie Club: Calendar Girls, Directed by Nigel Cole

We all love Helen Mirren and Julie Walters, and Calendar Girls is a movie that offers their wonderful on screen chemistry and so much more! The entire cast is absolutely fabulous! It is funny, authentic, touching, sad, inspiring and just plain entertaining – everything a great movie should be!

Released in 2003, “Calendar Girls” is a timeless story of creative resilience and friendship. Women in the Sixty and Me community gave it such a positive recommendation that I wanted to feature it as this week’s Movie Choice. Read More

8 years ago

6 Heartwarming Films for Women Over 60

Winter is an ideal time to cozy up on the couch and enjoy a good movie – after all, when the nights are dark and the weather is cold, we need to find ways to stay entertained while enjoying the comforts of home! It can sometimes be hard to find good, positive films for women over 60 – Hollywood doesn’t seem to make many movies for “grownups” any more; most of the big budget Hollywood movies are made for teenagers. Read More