Getting Older

Getting older isn't a popular concept. There are so many aging stereotypes and myths, that many of us grow up fearing our 50th or 60th birthdays. In reality, getting older can be a blessing. For starters, the older you get, the better you know yourself. In addition, you finally have the time to explore your passions. Let's explore and celebrate the aging process together!

8 years ago

Getting Older: How Many Ages Are You Now?

Do you often think about getting older? Do you ever find yourself regressing to a younger age? I know I do! There are times when I am traveling to a new place that I feel myself becoming deeply connected with my inner-child. Looking out the window, I remember the wonder of discover and the simple pleasure of seeing a place for the first time.

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8 years ago

“You Look Great for Your Age” and Other Backhanded Compliments

If you’re a woman over 60, I guarantee that, at some point in the last few years, a young store clerk has called you “dear,” “honey,” or “love.” They are just trying to be sweet, of course. At the same time, they would never call someone their own age one of these names. So, why do we get the “honor” of being pampered with such gentle and obsequious titles? Read More

8 years ago

The Joy of Aging Disgracefully

Last night, as I was having dinner with some friends, we started talking about the process of getting older. Go figure! We may have been in our 60s, but, we didn’t look over 60 – and we certainly didn’t feel over 60. Read More

8 years ago

Turning 60? Here’s Some Advice from Your Older Sisters

Turning 60 is a major milestone for many women. When we turn 50, most of us are in good health. We are usually at the top of our careers and have rich social lives, filled with family, friends and colleagues. Yes, some of us might be worried about the future or “where the time has gone.” But, for the most part, turning 50 is somewhat of a non-event. Turning 60 feels different. Read More

8 years ago

6 Myths about Aging that Hold Women Back

Myths are stories that create stereotypes. They are only true if we allow them to affect the way we live. This is true of the many myths about aging. If you believe what you see on TV, older people are forgetful, afraid of change, isolated, technophobic and weak. The problem is that these are not harmless perceptions. They may actually cause older women to live up to the expectations that society sets for them. Read More

9 years ago

60 Better Alternatives to Aging Gracefully

Are you aging gracefully? More importantly, would you even want to? Or, is the concept of aging gracefully old-fashioned and irrelevant? Read More

9 years ago

Fighting the Most Common Myths about Aging (Video)

Many boomer women are in transition. They are leaving behind full time jobs, family responsibilities, and roles that defined them in the past. They are changing the way that they relate to the world. Read More

9 years ago

Is the Concept of Aging Gracefully Outdated? (Video)

Women are redefining life after 60. They are asking whether the idea of aging gracefully is an old fashioned and outdated concept. If you want to live life in your 60s with passion and verve, being true to yourself while challenging stereotypes of aging, this video is one that you will enjoy. Read More

9 years ago

Provocative Photographer Proves that Age is Just a Number

Are the aging stereotypes true? Or, is it true that age is just a number? This is one of the most important psychological debates that we need to solve for ourselves as we get a little older. Of course, if you have followed Sixty and Me for a while, you know where I stand on this issue. I believe that life after 60 is what we make it. Of course, my opinion doesn’t stop the world from believing that older women are sexless, frumpy, and past their prime.  Read More

10 years ago

Stop Being Afraid of Turning 60 – The Best is Yet to Come!

Are you absolutely terrified about turning 60? If so, it’s important that you consider just why you are filled with trepidation. It’s just a number after all.

Is leaving your 50’s such a big deal? Many women are able to take turning 60 in their stride and to relish the new decade. For others, turning 60 is depressing, daunting and instigates feelings of anxiety. No-one wants to grow old but Read More