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Senior Cruises

Whether you like river cruises or ocean cruises, this section is for you! Let's discuss how to get the best cruise deals, while making friends and exploring your passions.

5 years ago

3 Reasons to Go on a Singles Cruise, Even if You Aren’t Looking for Love

Singles cruises have a somewhat mixed reputation. While some people thrive on the energy and excitement of meeting new people, others complain about the alcohol-soaked passengers, loud music and poor entertainment that plague some ships. Read More

5 years ago

How I Lost Weight on My Cruise

All you ever hear from people is how much weight they gained during their cruise. “The food was so good,” they groan. They ate like crazy and now they have to diet.

Well, I’m here to report that I went on a cruise and lost weight. Hah! Read More

5 years ago

Tips for Choosing a River Cruise

Choosing a river cruise can well be like trying to order a meal. What type of bread, which soup, what dressing, how do you want your steak? Every year more and more boats are on the rivers. Which one suits your appetite and bank account? I guarantee once you read this, you will be calling an expert. Read More

5 years ago

My Top 10 Cruise Packing Tips… and My New Travel Website!

I have a passion for cruising like many women in our Sixty and Me community. So, I recently started a new website called She Cruises – for women of all ages who love to cruise!

You can find all my She Cruises posts at but I wanted to feature one article that I think is of interest to any woman who is curious about how to prepare and pack. Read More

5 years ago

Reaching the Seventh Continent: My Journey to Antarctica

There aren’t many places left in the world to feel like a true explorer. Antarctica is one of them.

In early November 2018, I was lucky enough to fulfill a dream and be part of a 13-day learning adventure to Antarctica with Road Scholar — the not-for-profit educational travel organization for adults. Read More

5 years ago

10 Cruise Tips and Tricks to Help You Explore the World and Make New Friends

Life after 60 should be all about following your passions and exploring the world. Personally, I love the water, so, I’m always looking for cruise tips and tricks. Not only does cruising allow you to see the world from a completely new perspective, but, it is also a fantastic way to make new friends. Read More

5 years ago

8 Tips for Choosing a Cruise You Will Actually Love!

“I tried cruising once; I don’t think it’s for me.” This is usually said after accompanying a friend on a cruise that you had no say in choosing. Well, here’s the caveat. Those who decide they didn’t enjoy their cruise were most likely on the wrong ship! Read More

5 years ago

How Low Can You Go: 10 Items Older Women Must Take on a Week-long Cruise

I have long been an advocate of packing light. It has saved me more headaches than I can count. There have been times when I decided it was necessary to take a little more ‘just in case’ and I always regretted it. Read More

6 years ago

9 Reasons Why Cruising Is Great for Solo Women Travelers

There aren’t many trip options that are so well suited to solo travelers as cruising. Where else can you go that you have the perfect balance of social interaction and as much quiet personal time as you desire? Read More

6 years ago

The Secret Weapon Seniors Have to Find Cruise Deals is…

Back in the good old days, senior discounts actually meant something. A few decades ago, when there were fewer of us out there, being in your 60s or 70s really was a ticket to lower prices on cruises, trains and planes around the world. Read More