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Whether you like river cruises or ocean cruises, this section is for you! Let's discuss how to get the best cruise deals, while making friends and exploring your passions.

6 years ago

7 Things Every Woman Should Take on a Cruise, Based on My Viking Star Adventure

I love the idea of cruising. My first experience on the open ocean was as an 8-year-old, when my family emigrated from England to Canada. Read More

6 years ago

My Viking Star Review: Exploration and Luxury Meet on the North Sea

Dark clouds hung over the North Sea. As heavy waves crashed against the hull of her ship, the explorer huddled under a blanket, watching the cold rain fall in sheets outside her window. Lighting flashed and the adventurer thought of all of the people who had come to this remote part of the Earth before her. Many of them had never returned. Thunder rolled over the ship and her heart skipped a beat. It was going to be a long night. Read More

6 years ago

Viking Ocean Cruises: River Cruise Elegance and Adventure on the Open Seas!

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of taking my first ever river cruise. It was a Viking Christmas sailing on the Rhine River from Basel to Amsterdam. For 10 days, I enjoyed an intimate and relaxing cruise experience that stimulated and satisfied all my senses in a totally unique way. Read More

6 years ago

Why a Solo Cruise Can Be a Wonderful Lifetime Experience

My first solo cruise was such a great experience, much easier and more fun than I ever expected. It was a small ship (700 passengers) and not entirely full so it was a good way for me to try cruising. Also, I met so many wonderful people – couples and singles – who were happy to talk about their experiences and give me good information on what to consider if I wanted to continue cruising. Read More

6 years ago

What is a Caregiver Cruise and Why Should You Consider Taking One?

There are 66 million family caregivers in the U.S. alone; 70% are female and 25% are Millennials. Caregivers suffer worsened health than non-caregivers and 40-60% report symptoms of depression. Some caregivers, like my sister, pre-decease the ones for whom they care. Read More

7 years ago

Woodstock with Waves: Why Music Cruises Are a Big Hit with Baby Boomers

If you’re a Baby Boomer who still loves the music of your youth and also sailing the Caribbean, then music cruises may be for you! Read More

7 years ago

Sailing Solo: What I Learned from My First Cruise Alone

I had always wanted to take a cruise.

Everyone I know who’s ever gone has loved it and had wonderful stories to share. It seemed like an easy and fun way to go to many different destinations and travel with others closer to my own age. I received some great advice from people about how to pick the cruise that was right for me. Read More

7 years ago

Experience 115 Days at Sea, 335 Gourmet Meals and Unlimited Adventure with Road Scholar

I was the first person in my family to attend college. Like many boomer women, I did not follow a traditional path. I chose to not marry right out of high school and, instead, decided to travel and pursue a university degree. Read More

7 years ago

What is the Best Cruise Line, According to Women Over 60?

Asking a frequent traveler to pick the best cruise line in the world is like asking a mom to choose between her children. They’re all amazing! Besides, how can you really compare the various options?

Is the relaxed pace of a river cruise really comparable to the hustle and bustle of a 6000-passenger mega-ship, with casinos, movie theaters and climbing walls? Doesn’t it simply depend on the type of experience that you are looking for? Read More

7 years ago

Cruising the Smart Way: Ship Choice, Activities, Safety and More!

Statistically, cruising has one of the highest, if not the highest, vacation satisfaction rating. And it’s easy to understand why. Read More