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Senior Cruises

Whether you like river cruises or ocean cruises, this section is for you! Let's discuss how to get the best cruise deals, while making friends and exploring your passions.

6 years ago

3 Cruise Tips to Help You Stay Connected No Matter Where You Sail

One of the first tips that people give you when you tell them that you are going on a cruise is to “shut off” and enjoy the ride. On the surface, this seems like great advice. After all, couldn’t we all use a break from our computer screens and mobile phones? Well, I suspect that, for most of us, the answer would be “yes and no.” Read More

6 years ago

Sharing a Cabin on a Singles Cruise? Don’t Make These 7 Horrible Blunders

One of the worst things about taking a cruise alone is having to deal with the dreaded single supplement. As a solo woman traveler, your options are fairly limited. You can either pay 25% to 100% more for the privilege of having your own room. Or, you can find someone to pair up with. Read More

6 years ago

Singles Cruises for Sensible Women: Looking Beyond the Booze and Bravado

When you think about singles cruises, what images enter your mind? Read More

6 years ago

Life on a Windstar Cruise: Billionaire Boating for the Rest of Us

There is nothing ordinary about the drive from historic downtown Rome to the port at Civitavecchia. As you leave the capital, you feel the weight of stone and sculpture, culture and commerce lifting from your shoulders. In its place, a gentle breeze lifts your spirits as the Mediterranean pulls you towards your next great adventure. Read More

6 years ago

8 Surprising Things I Learned During My First Cruise Experience

Why had it taken so long for me to go on a cruise?

The first thing that comes to mind is that for years I was working and raising a family. Saving for college and retirement. Cruises are not inexpensive, so I wasn’t able to take my family on a cruise, nor was I going to go off alone. So for me, timing was largely the issue. And now, the time had come. Read More

6 years ago

My Fred Olsen Review of the Boudicca: Affordable Classic Cruising with Smart Innovation and Style

Cruising always takes me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Those first few hours after boarding, settling down and unpacking, soon transport me to a world that touches all my senses. Read More

7 years ago

5 Spectacular River Cruises from the Amazon to the Seine

Rivers have always fascinated me. I find it intriguing, but not surprising, that most of the large prosperous cities in the world are built on the banks of wide, powerful rivers. Read More

7 years ago

Thinking About Taking a Baltic Cruise? Read This First!

Sailing up the north-most parts of Europe fills your lungs with fresh air and your mind with vivid scenery. Which way do you go? Join us in conversation with cruise journalist Jane Archer to find more about Norway and Baltic cruise opportunities. Enjoy the show! Read More

7 years ago

What Are the Hottest River Cruises in Europe and Asia This Year? You May be Surprised!

River cruising is gaining popularity—and why wouldn’t it? It takes you to places where nature, culture, history and exotic lifestyles blow your mind. Cruise journalist Jane Archer is happy to share her experiences. Enjoy the show! Read More

7 years ago

What is Expedition Cruising and Why is it a Great Option for Boomers?

Who would have ever thought that boomers could go expedition cruising? But it’s there, readily available! Join us in conversation with cruise journalist Jane Archer, who shares a lot of experiences and great advice. Enjoy the show!
Read More