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Thinking About Taking a Baltic Cruise? Read This First!

By Margaret Manning August 28, 2017 Travel

Sailing up the north-most parts of Europe fills your lungs with fresh air and your mind with vivid scenery. Which way do you go? Join us in conversation with cruise journalist Jane Archer to find more about Norway and Baltic cruise opportunities. Enjoy the show!


While “the Baltic and Norway” are often lumped together when discussing cruise options, they are actually two very different cruises.

Exploration and Discovery on Baltic Cruises

Baltic cruises are a traveler’s best option for exploring exciting world capitals such as Copenhagen (in Denmark), Stockholm (in Sweden), Helsinki (in Finland), Tallin (in Estonia), Oslo (in Norway), and St. Petersburg (in Russia).

The culture, art, architecture, and grandeur of these cities is like that of no other. St Petersburg, especially, is a highlight that is often awarded a few extra nights’ stay so that cruise guests have the opportunity to explore the many wonders this city has to offer.

Sailing from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Another option for exploring Russia’s greatest cities is to sail the canals, rivers, and lakes that connect Moscow to St. Petersburg. With a few nights in each city on either end of the cruise, travelers have time to discover the many sites and landmarks of Moscow and St. Petersburg while also having time to embrace the heart of Russia along the waterways in-between.

Companies such as Viking Cruises offer Russian guides that will lead guests on excursions through both cities and then offer lessons in Russian language, history, culture, and cuisine during sailing times.

Inspiration and Adventure on Norwegian Cruises

Nothing compares to the scenery that a Norwegian cruise introduces to the spectators on board. With jewel toned fjords and majestic peaks, Norwegian cruises offer sights like no other.

Like Baltic cruises, most Norwegian cruises also begin in Copenhagen, Denmark. Depending on the number of nights aboard the cruise, guests can travel as far as Burgen, Olden, or perhaps Geirangerfjord in a week. A longer cruise might take travelers up to Kirkenes or to the North Cape which is the very most northern tip of Europe.

Voyagers beginning their tour in the UK can cruise to the Norwegian Fjords or even up to Iceland, Greenland, and the island of Spitsbergen where guests enjoy views of polar bears, glaciers, and the Northern Lights.

Hurtigruten is a Norwegian ship company that offers stops at approximately 20 ports along the way year-round. This working ship line takes guests into some of the most remote Fjords while picking up cars and passengers along the way.  The observation lounges on these vessels provide amazing views of places most travelers will never have the opportunity to see.

What was the last cruise that you took? Have you ever been on a Baltic or Norwegian cruise? Are you more interested in the big cities of a Baltic cruise or the scenic views of a Norwegian cruise… or both?! What is the farthest northern point you’ve ever traveled to? Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Join in the conversation!

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