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Senior Tours

Senior tours offer the safety and security of a group, while still giving you the chance to explore. Find out about senior travel clubs, travel adventures and other amazing experiences here.

6 years ago

7 Reasons Why Melbourne Is a Perfect Holiday Destination for Women Over 60

Voted the World’s most liveable city for seven consecutive years, the city of Melbourne is one of our favourite cities to visit.

As the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne has no shortage of things to do and see. Melbourne is proud of its place as Australia’s sporting and cultural capital, but it’s the atmosphere that I love most! Read More

6 years ago

Adventure Travel is a Way of Mind: 5 Ways Make Boring Trips a Little Wilder

As far as adventure travel goes, I’ve been luckier than most. I’ve slept in desert tends, rainforest treehouses and mountain huts. I’ve trekked through the remotest areas of Myanmar and seen the Aurora borealis. Each and every adventure that I went on changed me in one or more fundamental ways. Read More

6 years ago

4 Slow Travel Experiences That Allow for Adventure at a Relaxed Pace

Slow travel is not so much about how fast you navigate a new place. It reflects a philosophy of life. Fast travel is active, busy and hurried. It can be an impatient and frantic way of visiting a new place. Read More

6 years ago

5 Ways to Enjoy a Unique Love Affair with Italy

Living in Switzerland gives me easy access to France, Germany, Austria and Lichtenstein. But it is my proximity to Italy that has enabled a love affair that grows with every visit. Read More

6 years ago

How to Find a Themed Travel Tour That Matches Your Passions Perfectly

Our passions connect us with the world in a special way. They bring us closer to the core of humanity and to each other. Join us in discussion with a travel expert who knows all about themed travel. Enjoy the show! Read More

6 years ago

Planning to Visit Australia? Here’s a Three-Week Itinerary that You Will Enjoy

I’m often asked, “Where should I to go?” or “What should I see and do?” when people are planning a visit to Australia. For me, it’s difficult to answer as there really is so much to see and do. Read More

6 years ago

Add This to Your Bucket List! Cross the Outback on a World-Famous Ghan Expedition

Considered one of the world’s greatest rail journeys, the Ghan delivers so much more than “just a ride on a train.” Read More

6 years ago

6 Reasons That Australia Has Something for Everyone

Australia is one of the most sought travel destinations world-wide. With so many world-famous natural wonders, unique wildlife, miles and miles of golden beaches, spectacular capital cities and the infamous outback, it’s easy to see why this country is on so many bucket lists. Read More

6 years ago

Tips for Getting the Most from Group Adventure Travel

Traveling as a group can be fun – also tricky, awkward and unpredictable. And if you’re looking for adventure, things seem to change a bit. Join us in discussion with travel specialist Shila Desai who has some tips to share about group adventure travel. Enjoy the show! Read More

6 years ago

Places to Find Amazing Group Travel Deals for Dynamic Older Adults

Does traveling in a group sound safe or intimidating? It could be both, but you’ll never know until you give it a try. Join us in discussion with travel expert Shila Desai who shares her tips about group travel. Enjoy the show! Read More