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Senior Tours

Senior tours offer the safety and security of a group, while still giving you the chance to explore. Find out about senior travel clubs, travel adventures and other amazing experiences here.

6 years ago

Want to Travel Independently, While Still Making Friends? These Group Experiences Rock!

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a new friend who, at the age of 70, has found herself single again. She is now terrified that she won’t have the courage to do the things that she wanted to do while she was attached… most importantly, travel! Read More

6 years ago

Sydney, Australia Loves Older Women! Here Are 5 Things to Do When You Get There

Sydney, Australia is a spectacular destination to visit, but the distance to travel here can take anywhere up to 24 hours depending on where you live, so you need to plan your visit well. Read More

6 years ago

More Than a Drop in the Bucket List: Quench Your Thirst for Educational Travel and Change Your Life in 2018

Every year, beginning in January, we all read list after list of things we should do differently in the New Year. Most of these lists involve getting in shape (a healthy goal) or why we should create a bucket list (also a good goal). Unfortunately, after an initial boost of energy, most people revert back to old patterns. Read More

6 years ago

Follow Your Bliss! Visit the 5 Happiest Countries in the World in 2018

What are the most important things you look for when choosing a vacation destination? Do you travel to explore new places or make new friends? Do you want to learn about new cultures and history? Read More

7 years ago

Australia 101: An Insider’s Guide to Visiting Australia

Are you considering a trip to Australia?

We’re a big country and we love showing off our Australia – so let’s get you ready for your adventure of a lifetime, Down Under! Read More

7 years ago

Looking for Travel Ideas? Why Not Discover the USA – East, West, North and South?

As with most things in life, we sometimes apply a “grass is greener” mentality to our travel planning. We often select travel adventures in faraway places that we consider exotic and unusual. Read More

7 years ago

How to Find Magical Travel Destinations for Any Season

There are many ways to select a travel destination. Perhaps the city or country you want to visit has always been on your bucket list.

It might be a mysterious place that calls you at a deep inexplicable level. Perhaps it’s simply somewhere that feeds one of your passions or has historical significance. Read More

7 years ago

How Traveling to Cuba Ticked All 5 Senses for Us

We have just recently spent four weeks in Cuba travelling from top to bottom and back again. It was one incredible adventure, at times challenging, but we would not have changed what we achieved in that one month at all. Read More

7 years ago

Why 2017 is the Perfect Year to Discover England

I was born in England – on Valetta Road in West London to be exact. I grew up in a tiny tenement house with hollyhocks in the small garden that were taller than me.

There were buildings all around us that had been destroyed during the war. Dreams and circumstances led me far away from my London roots, but, I’ve always had love in my heart for England. Read More

7 years ago

Dubrovnik Holidays: More Than Just a Games of Thrones and Star Wars Set

Can you believe that one small city in Croatia can be the movie set for Games of Thrones, Star Wars and Robin Hood? Games of Throne and Robin Hood we can imagine, but Star Wars? That city is Dubrovnik, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read More