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Senior Tours

Senior tours offer the safety and security of a group, while still giving you the chance to explore. Find out about senior travel clubs, travel adventures and other amazing experiences here.

8 years ago

Road Scholar Offers Its First Voyage from Miami to Cuba in Over 50 Years

Cuba is like no other place in the world and one of Road Scholar’s most popular destinations. Read More

8 years ago

What Are Senior Travel Clubs? And Should You Join One?

What is a senior travel club, anyway? A scam? A great way to save on travel? A way to meet potential travel companions? Or something else entirely?

It turns out that senior travel clubs can be any of these things. Read More

8 years ago

Senior Tours: 6 Once in a Lifetime Trips to Take in Your 60s

As we enter our 60s, we women realize that we have had many “once in a lifetime” experiences. Perhaps we’ve raised children or been present at the birth of a beloved grandchild. Maybe we’ve started a business or found profound fulfillment in volunteering to help others. Read More

8 years ago

Road Scholar’s “Living and Learning” Programs Offer 6-Week Language and Cultural Adventure

Baby Boomers were one of the first generations to discover the world through their college study abroad programs. Statistics show that we acquired passports at a younger age than our parents. Read More

8 years ago

My Cooking Holiday in Italy: New Tastes, New Friends and New Perspectives

There are some memories from my childhood that I find particularly strong and emotional. One is watching my mom prepare mince pies at the holidays. They always tasted delicious and I would sometimes burn my tongue on the hot filling in my eagerness to take that first bite. She was a great cook! Read More

8 years ago

Why “Transition Travel” is Perfect for Reinventing Your Life after 60

When I got divorced, there were only two things I wanted to do – dye my hair blonde and travel the world. The first was easy and my new look sent a clear signal that I was changing, inside and out. So, I dyed my hair right away and got myself some new clothes, a gym membership and fridge full of healthy food.

My travel plans took longer to formulate. There was a deeper transformation going on inside me that needed more personal reflection. All I knew was that travel would be a big part of it. Read More

8 years ago

Three Generations Embark upon an Educational Adventure in Yellowstone with Road Scholar

Families today lead incredibly hectic lives. Children’s schedules are filled with academic and social pursuits, parents are working and parenting full-time and grandparents often live far away and have busy lives of their own. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult for all of the generations to come together to catch up, share stories and build lifelong memories. Read More

9 years ago

6 Travel Destinations for Truly Adventurous Boomer Women

One of the best things about traveling in your 50s and 60s is that you have the experience to know what you love and the energy to explore the world on your own terms. Read More

9 years ago

Forget Rocking Chairs! Boomers Are Rocking and Rolling in Retirement

Not too long ago, retirement was a time of relaxation and “aging gracefully.” Well, if playing golf, knitting and reading in your rocking chair is your idea of a good time, more power to you. But, taking it easy is no longer your only option. As we reach retirement age, more boomers than ever are saying no to rocking chairs and yes to rocking and rolling around the world. Read More

9 years ago

Why Travel is Such a Great Way to Make Friends as an Adult (Video)

I was recently scanning through my 600 Facebook friends when I realized that less than 10% of them regularly interact with my posts or engage in conversations with me. In total, perhaps only 10-15 people regularly engage in dialogues that demonstrate a deep and meaningful interest in my life, work and passions. I’m not criticizing, by the way. I know how busy life can get. But, it’s still interesting how much we have come to rely on surface-level interactions with the people we care about. Read More