Small Business

Are you thinking of starting a small business in your 60s? It's not as unusual an idea as you might think. In fact, older entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly common. We'll take you step-by-step through the process of building your profitable business.

5 years ago

50 Ways to Leave Your Employer to Launch Your Own Gig After 60

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. One morning, I was working on this post, but the concepts weren’t gelling. Rounds of writing, editing, deleting and starting again from scratch ensued. Read More

6 years ago

Are You Starting Your Own Business After 50? We Want to Hear from You!

The convention wisdom is that starting your own business as an older adult is next to impossible. If you ask the average person why it is hard to start a business after 50, they will give you a litany of reasons, most of which will be based on tired aging stereotypes. Here are a few examples: Read More

6 years ago

7 Boomer Marketing Tips, According to Baby Boomers

It’s no secret that baby boomers are one of the most powerful consumer groups in the world. As a result, marketers are constantly looking for ways to sell to us. Right about now, I can probably hear you saying, “Who cares?” As Seth Godin’s book says, “All Marketers Are Liars.” Why should we care if they know how to market to us? Read More

6 years ago

Marketing to Baby Boomers: How Do You Want Companies to Talk to You?

Why on Earth would you want to tell advertising agencies how to talk to you? Isn’t marketing to baby boomers something that only companies who want to sell something should care about? Absolutely not! Read More

6 years ago

What Upsets You Most About Marketing for Seniors?

Ok, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Marketing for seniors is tough. For starters, the term “seniors” covers a huge age range. You could argue that 20 years ago most people over 60 had similar lives. No more! Read More

7 years ago

How to Start a Business After 50 (Part 5): The Power of Content

If you have gone through steps 1-4 in my “How to Build a Business After 50” series, you already have a good idea of your strengths and skills. You have probably settled on your profitable business idea. You may have even set up your website. Now what? How can you get the information you need to decide exactly what to build? Equally important, how can you market it to your prospective customers? One way to do both is with content marketing. Read More

7 years ago

So, You’re Ready to Sell Your Crafts Online – Here’s How to Market Them

In previous articles, we have discussed many aspects of selling your handmade items online. First, we started with an explanation of how to improve your crafting skills. Then we discussed how to decide which items to create. In the last article we covered where to sell your items online. And, now, in this final article in our craftpreneur series, I would like to cover how to find customers. Read More

7 years ago

Starting a Business After 50 (Part 4): Setting Up Your Website

Talking with the other members of our community, I am amazed by how many good ideas people have for businesses. Even more surprising is how few of these ideas ever become reality.

It’s not that older adults are lacking energy or drive. Read More

7 years ago

How to Start a Business After 50 (Part 3): Refining Your Idea

Let’s start with some good news. If you have taken the time to identify your strengths and brainstorm business ideas, you’re already ahead of 90% of people who dream about starting a business. While others fantasize about financial security, you have taken action. By now, you should have a rough idea of the kinds of business opportunities that you are interested in. Now it’s time to refine your ideas so that they can form the basis of your profitable business. Read More

7 years ago

What Starting Eternal Collection Taught Me About Business… and Life

In a previous article, I discussed how I came to start Eternal Collection, my costume jewellery company, based in the U.K. Looking back, it is amazing how the evolution of Eternal Collection was influenced by – and influenced – almost every aspect of my life. It has been an amazing journey! Read More