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Do you love solo travel? Or do you prefer to travel in a group? If the first sounds like you, you'll love our articles on fighting the single supplement, staying safe while traveling and making friends on the road.

5 years ago

Romantic Destinations: 5 Tips for Women Traveling Solo After 60

After losing my husband and globe-trotting partner of 24 years to cancer, I knew I would travel again someday. At nearly 60, I was still a relatively young woman, and there was a lot of world left to see. But my trips to so-called ‘romantic’ destinations were history as far as I was concerned. Read More

5 years ago

Africa and Me: A Solo Safari Through the Eyes of a 60-Plus Traveler

You’ve probably thought about it. Maybe you even planned it sometime at the beginning of your fifth decade, then let all the deadlines pass. Read More

5 years ago

A Girl Alone: The Gift of Post-60 Solo Travel

Helen was standing near the front of the line at the United gate. She was blonde, attractive, and perfectly put together. My guess? Mid- to late-60s. Helen was on her way to Europe…

Read More
6 years ago

3 Travel Tips for Mature Women Who Love Solo Adventures (#1 Can Save You $1,000s!)

Traveling solo and living like a local is a dream many older women share. The thought of immersing yourself in a culture you find fascinating is alluring. However, many mature women never take the plunge, letting their apprehensions override their desires. If you are looking for ways to travel off the beaten path but still feel safe and comfortable, you will enjoy today’s video with Shila Desai! Read More

6 years ago

9 Reasons Why Cruising Is Great for Solo Women Travelers

There aren’t many trip options that are so well suited to solo travelers as cruising. Where else can you go that you have the perfect balance of social interaction and as much quiet personal time as you desire? Read More

6 years ago

Sharing a Cabin on a Singles Cruise? Don’t Make These 7 Horrible Blunders

One of the worst things about taking a cruise alone is having to deal with the dreaded single supplement. As a solo woman traveler, your options are fairly limited. You can either pay 25% to 100% more for the privilege of having your own room. Or, you can find someone to pair up with. Read More

6 years ago

Singles Cruises for Sensible Women: Looking Beyond the Booze and Bravado

When you think about singles cruises, what images enter your mind? Read More

6 years ago

The “Ex” Rated Guide to Solo Travel After 60

Today, women over 60 are shattering aging stereotypes in many ways. Living longer and better educated, they are focused on heath and independence. They are determined to achieve well-being and self-awareness. Read More

6 years ago

Why I Love to Travel: The Appeal of Constant Travel and Discovery

Some people stay in one place most or all their lives and are very content. Then there are some, like me, who crave change and move frequently from place to place.   Read More

7 years ago

My Fred Olsen Review of the Boudicca: Affordable Classic Cruising with Smart Innovation and Style

Cruising always takes me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Those first few hours after boarding, settling down and unpacking, soon transport me to a world that touches all my senses. Read More