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Solo Travel

Do you love solo travel? Or do you prefer to travel in a group? If the first sounds like you, you'll love our articles on fighting the single supplement, staying safe while traveling and making friends on the road.

6 years ago

Why I Love to Travel: The Appeal of Constant Travel and Discovery

Some people stay in one place most or all their lives and are very content. Then there are some, like me, who crave change and move frequently from place to place.   Read More

6 years ago

My Fred Olsen Review of the Boudicca: Affordable Classic Cruising with Smart Innovation and Style

Cruising always takes me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Those first few hours after boarding, settling down and unpacking, soon transport me to a world that touches all my senses. Read More

7 years ago

Why a Solo Cruise Can Be a Wonderful Lifetime Experience

My first solo cruise was such a great experience, much easier and more fun than I ever expected. It was a small ship (700 passengers) and not entirely full so it was a good way for me to try cruising. Also, I met so many wonderful people – couples and singles – who were happy to talk about their experiences and give me good information on what to consider if I wanted to continue cruising. Read More

7 years ago

How Do You Like to Travel? Solo, in a Group or with Your Partner?

One of the best things about getting a little older is that you finally have time to travel. Most of us don’t have the financial resources to travel as much as we would like, but, we still take every opportunity to explore – even if it is just by bus to a nearby city. So, today, I would like to offer some tips staying safe, having fun and making friends when you are on the road. Please join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me! Read More

7 years ago

Female, Over 50 and Traveling Solo? You are Not Alone!

With more and more baby boomers reaching retirement age — 75 million Americans will turn 65 over the next 20 years and more than half are women — more and more women will have the opportunity to explore and learn about the world. Read More

7 years ago

Sailing Solo: What I Learned from My First Cruise Alone

I had always wanted to take a cruise.

Everyone I know who’s ever gone has loved it and had wonderful stories to share. It seemed like an easy and fun way to go to many different destinations and travel with others closer to my own age. I received some great advice from people about how to pick the cruise that was right for me. Read More

7 years ago

Newly Widowed Grandmother Turns to Educational Travel to Rediscover Herself… and Succeeds!

American expatriate Hester Witchey, 79, grew up near Cleveland, Ohio, where she taught elementary school for close to 40 years before retirement. Read More

8 years ago

Hostels Are Perfect for Older Women Traveling Alone

Many women my age say that they can’t travel because it is just too expensive. I would argue that, in many cases, options are simply not being considered. Read More

8 years ago

4 Ways Travel Feeds Your Body, Mind and Soul as an Older Adult

I have always loved to travel. I experienced my first wild and wonderful Atlantic crossing, on the Queen Elizabeth, when I was only 8-years-old. Read More

8 years ago

Meet New Friends and Discover New Lands During Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month, when we recognize and celebrate the contributions of women around the world. It’s an ideal time for women to reflect on their lives, set goals, learn something new and explore new opportunities. Read More