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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for seniors is a great way to reduce stress, sleep better and remove everyday aches and pains. But, where should you start? Should you try chair yoga? Should you buy a gentle yoga DVD? Or, should you perhaps find a local yoga class in your city? This section will help you get started on your yoga journey.

8 years ago

Sixty and Me Yoga DVD Reviews: What Are Real Customers Saying?

If you are looking for the best gentle yoga for seniors DVDs, you’ve probably spent some time looking for Sixty and Me yoga reviews. After all, Sixty and Me yoga has an almost perfect 5-star rating on the independent rating service Simply put, it’s one of the most popular yoga for seniors programs out there. Read More

8 years ago

Having Trouble Falling Asleep in Your 60s? Try Gentle Yoga to Calm Your Mind

One of the most common myths about aging is that older adults need less sleep. The reality is somewhat more complicated. It’s true that our sleep patterns shift as we get older, but, this doesn’t mean that we need less sleep. Read More

8 years ago

8 Things I Learned About Yoga for Seniors After Spending 8 Weeks in Bali

We’ve all heard the promises about yoga for seniors. Yoga will help you to experience healthy aging. Yoga will help you to reduce stiffness and increase your energy. Yoga is a gateway to a healthier lifestyle after 60. Read More

8 years ago

4 Ways to Ease Your Way Into Yoga for Seniors

6 weeks ago, I took my first yoga class in decades. It was a humbling, emotional experience. Even though I had been practicing with our Sixty and Me gentle yoga and chair yoga DVDs, I wasn’t emotionally prepared for completely immersing myself in this activity after so long. Read More

8 years ago

Do You Love Your Aging Body? How Gentle Yoga Helped Me to Accept Myself

For the last 20 years, I’ve been on a journey to accept and, eventually, love my aging body. Read More

8 years ago

Looking for a Sixty and Me Yoga Promo Code? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

By now, you have probably heard about our Sixty and Me gentle yoga and chair yoga videos. Perhaps a friend told you how they have helped her to get rid of her everyday aches and pains, while finding more energy. Or, maybe you simply went to Google and found our videos in the search results. Read More

8 years ago

The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors: Yoga for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis poses a seeming contradiction for senior citizens trying to maintain bone health.

Read More
9 years ago

Yoga for Seniors: Addressing Common Health Concerns as We Age

While it’s true that older adults derive deeper benefits from yoga for seniors the longer they practice, you don’t have to take years of classes to reap all of yoga’s many rewards. Read More

9 years ago

The Surprising Connection Between Gentle Yoga and Positive Self-Image (Video)

“I’m a complete beginner to gentle yoga.” “I’m a total newbie.” “I’m a bit stiff and overweight.” “I’m a complete novice, with practically no strength or flexibility.” These are a few of the ways that women in the Sixty and Me community described themselves when I asked them if they were interested me producing a series of gentle yoga videos for older adults. Read More

9 years ago

An Introduction to Gentle Yoga for Older Adults

When I ask the members of the Sixty and Me community what is holding them back from building their dream life after 60, poor health and excess stress are the two most common answers. Read More