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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for seniors is a great way to reduce stress, sleep better and remove everyday aches and pains. But, where should you start? Should you try chair yoga? Should you buy a gentle yoga DVD? Or, should you perhaps find a local yoga class in your city? This section will help you get started on your yoga journey.

9 years ago

What is Yoga Really? Can You Benefit from Yoga for Seniors? (Video)

Women of our generation have a reputation for being willing to try new things. Through six decades of life, we have embraced new fashions, challenged the status quo and reinvented ourselves more times than we can count. Read More

9 years ago

How to Get Started with Yoga for Seniors (Video)

If you are curious about yoga for seniors, but, don’t know if it’s for you, my interview with Cat Kabira will definitely help. Over the last couple of years, yoga has increasingly become a part of my life. Thanks for Cat, I’m sleeping better, my body is less stiff and I have more energy. I hope that you enjoy the interview! Read More

9 years ago

3 Unexpected Benefits of Gentle Yoga for Older Women (Video)

There are so many misconceptions about the benefits of yoga for older women. Some people believe that the goal of yoga is to “get flexible.” Others think that it is only for the young and fit. This last belief is particularly frustrating because the benefits of gentle yoga for older adults are greater than for any other group. After all, we have decades of stress stored in our bodies! Read More

9 years ago

Reignite the Spark: Try Yoga for Better Sex After 60

What if someone told you your sex life could be better after 60 than it was in your 20s?  Many people assume age-related changes in the body mean a decrease in sexual activity or at least sexual ability.

However, many older yogis discover that yoga can help them re-invigorate their sex lives in a variety of ways. Here are a few reasons to try yoga for better sex after 60. Read More

9 years ago

Embrace Your Curves with Plus Size Yoga

When you picture a yoga student, what kind of person pops into your mind? If you’re like most of us, you probably imagine a young, slender, athletic woman, twisting herself into a pretzel, with a serene look on her face. Read More

10 years ago

Upper Body Yoga for Seniors

Is life becoming literally a pain in the neck for you? Yoga for seniors may be able to help! In this article, we will explore several yoga poses, including cow face arms and eagle arms. Read More

10 years ago

Easy Yoga Breathing for Seniors

Each time I begin a new yoga for seniors class, I tell my students that the first thing we’re going to practice is breathing. Students usually laugh when I say this. After all, breathing is something all of us literally do in our sleep. Why take a breathing lesson? However at the end of class, students usually come up and thank me for teaching them how to breathe better. Breathing correctly enhances the ability to concentrate during the day. It also encourages the calm and relaxation necessary for deep sleep at night. Breathing properly during any kind of movement class, including yoga, increases the benefits of movement.

Read More
10 years ago

Energizing Yoga for Seniors

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee next time you have a low energy day, try doing some energizing yoga for seniors. We’ve selected four yoga poses which help dispel fatigue. After performing one or more of these, you’ll feel revved up and ready for the next part of your day. Read More

10 years ago

2 Key Benefits of Yoga that Can Revolutionize Your Health

Since many people first encounter yoga at health clubs, many of us associate it solely with fitness and exercise. However, yoga has long been known in India as a healing practice which benefits people of all ages. Read More

10 years ago

What is Bed Yoga and How Can it Help You?

If someone told you that they had just started doing bed yoga, you might now know what to think. You might wonder if bed yoga could be effective. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is! Read More