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What is Yoga Really? Can You Benefit from Yoga for Seniors? (Video)

By Margaret Manning November 14, 2014 Health and Fitness

Women of our generation have a reputation for being willing to try new things. Through six decades of life, we have embraced new fashions, challenged the status quo and reinvented ourselves more times than we can count.

Now, as we reach our 60s, we are once again challenging stereotypes and refusing to “age gracefully.” We want to stay active, flexible and healthy. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that so many women our age are taking a second look at yoga.

Many of us tried yoga in our teens and 20s, only to stop when our family and work commitments took over. Do you remember a time when you could sit cross-legged on the floor? In my case, it was a long time ago!

Is it Time to Try Yoga for Seniors?

The good news is, there has never been a better time to try yoga again. As I wrote previously, yoga is not just for young people. In fact, you could argue that women over 60 have the most to gain from this amazing activity.

So, to give the women in our community a bit more motivation, I set out to find an amazing yoga instructor to give us a few pointers.

During our interview, Cat Kabira reminded me that older women are perfect candidates for gentle yoga. We talked about the fact that yoga is actually about more than flexibility – it includes breathing, meditation, diet and exercise. In other words, it is a gateway to a healthier and happier life after 60.

Cat also explained how small, simple movements can make a profound difference in our bodies. So, even if you are feeling a bit out of shape – actually, especially if you are feeling a bit out of shape – yoga is a great option for getting back in touch with your body.

Finally, we talk about how chair yoga can be an easy place to start if you’re feeling stiff or have mobility challenges.

Please join Cat and I as we discuss:

  • Why people are intimidated by yoga, especially as they get a little older
  • What to expect when you start doing yoga if you have a chronic pain or injury
  • The misunderstanding of yoga as simply a series of “asanas” or exercises.
  • How even simple moves can make a big difference in your body
  • Why gentle yoga or chair yoga can be great places to start
  • How old injuries, aches and pains can be helped with gentle yoga

I hope that you enjoy this conversation with Cat Kabira. If you find it useful, please like, share and comment so that other women in the community can benefit from it too.

Do you feel a bit intimidated by yoga? Are you ready to learn and get started with a gentle or chair yoga practice? Do you have any questions you would like to ask Cat? Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below and remember to check out our gentle yoga video series that we filmed together with Cat Kabira in wonderful Bali.

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