1 year ago

Business Looks for Working Older Women

Executive or casual, it’s always important to have your clothes fit your body type, lifestyle, and daily activities. Casual is fine for the home and daytime outings with friends, but a more business-type and professional look is required when we work…

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2 years ago

The Top 6 Misconceptions You May (Or May Not) Have Heard About Reverse Mortgages

When I was a young boy, my parents took my brother and I on a vacation. I was pretty little, so I don’t remember much about the trip. I know we traveled on an airplane, but I have no recollection of where we went, what we did…

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3 years ago

When is it Time to Leave a Marriage After 60?

and start your journey to happiness today with our Sixty and Me “Aging Beautifully” inspirational cards!

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3 years ago

Embracing Memories of the Distant Past: A Way to Stay Connected to a World Long Gone

When Notre Dame was severely damaged by a massive fire recently, all the world mourned. In one sense, it ‘belonged’ solely to Paris or, perhaps, to France. But in another sense, it belonged to all of us…

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4 years ago

Were You Clueless Before Your 50th Birthday? A Nora Ephron Quote on Wisdom

The women in our Sixty and Me community have lived six fabulous decades. We have experienced challenges in each chapter of our lives and we have lived through some of the most dramatic times in the history of the world. Most of us have achieved great things as mothers, workers, friends, wives and members of society. Read More

5 years ago

How Old Do You Feel on the Inside? The Art of Staying Youthful Within

Over a year ago, I was going to come out of the closet about my age at a talk I was giving. I had just had a birthday though, and someone beat me to it by putting it on Facebook. I had just turned 77. Read More

6 years ago

Looking for a Sixty and Me Yoga Promo Code? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

By now, you have probably heard about our Sixty and Me gentle yoga and chair yoga videos. Perhaps a friend told you how they have helped her to get rid of her everyday aches and pains, while finding more energy. Or, maybe you simply went to Google and found our videos in the search results. Read More

7 years ago

How to Favorite or Bookmark Sixty and Me – It’s Easier than You Think!

Over the last few years, Sixty and Me has become more than just a website. It is now an active community of more than 100,000 dynamic older women who are dedicated to getting the most from life after 60. Every day, we engage in conversations and support each other. I am so proud to be on this journey with you! Read More