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10 Easy Pro-Aging Techniques for Bigger Eyes

By Suzanne Blons May 12, 2024 Beauty

Ladies, welcome to the ultimate guide on achieving eyes so big they practically have their own area codes!

If you’ve ever caught yourself envying the doe-eyed charm of Disney princesses or wondering if your peepers have shrunk in the wash, fear not! We’re about to embark on a journey through the magical world of makeup, where age is just a number, and our brushes hold the keys to unlocking the secrets of eternal youth (or at least the illusion of it).

So, grab your makeup bag and get ready to learn how to make your eyes pop! Because who says you can’t bat your lashes like a teenager, even if your high school days are just a distant memory? Let’s dive in and discover the pro-aging wonders that await!

Method #1: Hydration, Hydration, Hydration (Eye Cream as Healer)

Crepey, dry and puffy eyes are all too common and make applying makeup nearly impossible. Plus, because skin is the largest organ in the body, it is an important indicator of overall health!

To combat this, take Omega 3-6-9 supplements, vitamins E and A, drink loads of fresh water and apply an eye cream like Prime Prometics PrimeEyes Hydrate. Infused with five peptides, this soothing eye cream eases under-eye dryness, bags and puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles and stubborn dark circles. Your makeup will go on more easily and your eyes look brighter and happier.

Method #2: Smooth and Prime Lids

If your eyelids are crepey, oily or discolored, using an eyelid primer can even out your skin tone, minimize the appearance of crepey skin and help make your eyes look substantially bigger. There are many good brands available. My personal favorite is MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot. It goes on smoothly, effectively covers discoloration, including redness, comes in several attractive colors and can be used alone as eyeshadow.

Method #3: Cover Dark Circles to Make Eyes POP!

Dark under-eye circles detract from making your eyes the focal point. Using eye cream along with strengthening your kidney and liver functions with supplements and dietary changes can help, but concealer is the quick-fix best friend of dark circles. In my makeup kit I have about five different brands of concealer, but my main go-to for mature skin is Amazing Concealer. It successfully covers discoloration and won’t set in fine lines or feel thick. Apply a small amount of product directly where you need it.

Method #4: White or Cream Liner in Waterline

Remember the 1970s when Twiggy’s doll eyes took center stage? If you look closely, you will see the white eyeliner used in her tightline (or waterline). Using a white pencil in the waterline can make your eyes stand out, appear more youthful and have the wide-eyed look so many people love.

The downside of doing this on mature eyes is that it can easily be too noticeable and appear forced. For this reason, I am a huge fan of using a cream or soft rose colored, waterproof eye pencil like NYX on just the outer half of the lower waterline. It’s more subtle than a white liner and still packs a punch when it comes to making your eyes big.

Method #5: How to Fill in Eyebrows (Don’t Miss This Step!)

The biggest (and I mean BIGGEST) change you can do to bring out your eyes is to alter your eyebrows through shaping and filling. Taking into consideration your face shape, your eyebrows can bring attention to your eye area and allow you to wear brighter and more concentrated lip shades. As an example, many women, if they enhance their eyebrows, can confidently wear red lipstick or have more dramatic eye makeup.

Method #6: Where to Add the Eyeliner for Maximum Effect

One of the most common questions I am asked when it comes to makeup is how to do eyeliner on mature eyes. Three of the biggest eyeliner challenges for mature eyes are:

  • Hand tremors
  • Blending liner with lines and wrinkles
  • Bleeding liner

Look for an eyeliner that is a soft, gel pencil for easy, painless application, one that stays put (water resistant) and blends well! In fact, I’d go so far as to say these are the MOST important factors in achieving the look from the video.

Because of this, my new favorite liners are from Prime Prometics PrimeEyes Glide Eyeliner. With a water resistant, easy glide applicator and an attached smudger, it makes this hypoallergenic line go on easily and stay put. To apply, I use small strokes added between the lashes on the outer top eye-line and then gently smudge to soften.

Method #7: What Eyeliner Colors Make Eyes Look Bigger?

What brings out your eye color the most? It’s the shade closest to your actual eye color. For example, if you have blue eyes, try a kohl, sapphire, or wood brown shade and see your blue eyes pop! If you have green eyes, try wood, kohl and even purple to bring out the green. Lastly, if you have brown eyes, try emerald, kohl or sapphire for making your eyes stand out.

Method #8: Highlight with (a Little) Shimmery Eye Shadow

Just because you have mature eyes does not mean you should do away with all the glitter and shimmer! To use a shimmer, it’s all about location, location, location. Add a little on the center of your lid, in the inner corner, or on your brow bone, but not simultaneously. I believe that’s called overkill, and will be frowned upon by the more fashionable among us. Having said that, if you love glitter, go for it!

Method #9: How to Curl Lashes (Insider Tricks That Work)

As a society, we are obsessed with having long, luscious lashes. Just look at the current trend of lash extensions, false lashes and the myriad of lash growth products on the market. With that in mind, many of us would rather stick to lash curlers, primers and mascara to achieve the blink-worthy longer lash effect. To that end, here are my insider tricks to curl your lashes.

  1. Take a little vaseline.
  2. Add to the lash curler edge.
  3. Heat curler briefly with hair dryer.
  4. Curl lashes.

WOW! Your lashes will be luscious! (PRECAUTION: Be careful of heat near the eye area and allow the curler to cool a bit if you are sensitive.)

Method #10: Use a Lash Volumizer and Mascara

If you have thinning or sparse lashes, a lash volumizer will be your new best friend. A volumizer adds an extra layer of density to lashes that works with the mascara to create a fuller lash look.

I turn to proaging Prime Prometics for their PrimeLash Volumizer applied before mascara, it creates a thicker, bolder, more emphatic lash than if you only used mascara. Apply it first, then add a thickening mascara like PrimeLash Mascara for a clump-free, instant lift and lash extension. I love the wand with its ability to reach even the thinnest lashes, plus it contains healing ingredients for damaged and weakened lashes. I’ve been using this primer and mascara for several months and it has become my new go-to item.

Learning how to achieve big, doe-like eyes is much easier than doing squats, though it requires a bit of practice and the right tools. See how many of these methods you can incorporate into your makeup routine and see how much BIGGER your eyes can look!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you think bigger eyes give off a more youthful appearance? Have you used any technique or product to make your eyes look bigger or more expressive?

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As a mature woman, I use a gray powder eyeliner with a delicate brush just on the top lash line which ends before the outside corner. You had some great advice, thanks!

Suzanne Blons

Hi Vicki, Your eyeliner sounds beautiful! I’m glad you enjoyed the article:)

Bev Hayhurst

Loved, loved loved this article and feel inspired to update my makeup “tool kit”

Suzanne Blons

Hi Bev, Thank you for your comment! I am so glad it inspired you!

Mary T. Lynch

It’s very important to take vitamins for your eyes. Also good Nutrition

Suzanne Blons

Hi Mary, I totally agree! Perhaps I should do another video on general health including vitamins and nutrition:)

Bev Hayhurst


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Suzanne Blons, The Beauty Shaman, has been in the beauty industry for nearly 40 years. A former Revlon Charlie Girl, she is now a professional makeup artist and has worked with such luminaries as Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Arianna Huffington. Today, Suzanne shares her beauty secrets on her YouTube channel, The Beauty Shaman. Check out her store, blog, coaching, and beauty courses.

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