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What’s the Best 50th Birthday Gift for a Man?

By Margaret Manning April 04, 2015 Mindset

Turning 50 is a milestone. A few of us worry – unnecessarily, I might add – about “getting old.” But, for the most part, we recognize that life after 50 is a time for exploring our passions, getting in great shape and preparing for decades of active life ahead.

This raises an important question. If someone special in your life is turning 50, how should you mark this important milestone?

What Makes the Best 50th Birthday Gift for a Man?

Well, the obvious answer is that everyone is different, but, that’s not terribly helpful. What we really want is advice on the kind of present that is likely to be well received, not the specific item.

Since our Boomerly members are all over 50, I wanted to get your opinion on this. Maybe, together, we can help the world to understand what 50-year-old men really want. If you are a man over 50, please think about the kinds of gifts that you and your guy friends like to receive. If you are a woman, please think about the times when you have given something to a man in his 50s that he really appreciated.

Now, here’s the question. What’s the best kind of 50th birthday present for a man?

Were you surprised by how everyone voted? Was there a kind of present that you felt like we left off of the list? If so, which one? Please join the conversation.


Here’s a short video that I recorded about finding a 50th birthday gift for a man.

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