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These 10 Healthy Food Bloggers Will Help You Surprise Your Grandkids with Your Culinary Creations

By Margaret Manning March 08, 2019 Lifestyle

One of the nice things about getting a little older is that you finally have time to focus on your passions. In the kitchen, this means that you have the freedom to break away from the dishes that you are famous for and try something a little more surprising.

Fortunately, finding culinary inspiration has never been easier. A new generation of creative chefs and food lovers are sharing their photos on Instagram and their favorite recipes on their blogs. In fact, with so many amazing ideas out there, deciding which one to focus on next may be the hardest step to take!

We’re here to help! Our team has searched the Internet for up and coming healthy food bloggers that you should know about. These amazing cooks aren’t always the most famous people in their category… but, they probably will be one day!

Here are 10 fabulous food bloggers to help you surprise your family with magnificent meals and delicious deserts.

Sarah @mynewroots

Sarah is on a mission to help her readers improve their health by taking small steps every day. Before starting her blog and Instagram, she attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada, where she became a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Her dishes are amazing and so is the photography that showcases them. Next on my list to try? It’s her tasty “Fudgesicles.” Yummy!

A photo posted by Sarah B (@mynewroots) on

Luise and David @gkstories

This wonderful couple uses natural ingredients to create vegetarian masterpieces. With their colorful photography, interesting stories and delicious recipes, they are inspiring their followers to embrace vegetarian cooking. Even if you don’t consider yourself a vegetarian, I highly encourage you to check them out! Next on my list to try? It’s her “Moroccan Harira Soup.” It looks perfect for a cold autumn evening!

A photo posted by David Frenkiel (@gkstories) on

Gloria @shanyaraleonie

Through her Instagram, Gloria aims to deliver “plant based happiness” to her readers. Her vegetarian dishes are colorful, eclectic and tasty. I especially appreciate the creativity and care that she put into creating the many salads that she shares on her blog and on Instagram. Next on my list to try? It’s her “Chickpea Tagine.”

Suzanne @ketokarma

If you haven’t heard about the Ketogenic Diet yet, Suzanne of Keto Karma may be a great place to start. I won’t go into all of the details here. All I’ll say is that I have personally spoken with over a dozen women who swear by this plan. Since starting the Ketogenic Diet in January, 2015, Suzanne lost 110 lbs. Now, she shares her favorite Keto friendly recipes and yummy treats. Next on my list to try? It’s her Zoodles and Meatballs. Yummy!

A photo posted by Suzanne Ryan (@ketokarma) on

Via @ditchthecarbs

By now, you have probably heard about the negative health effects of simple carbs, such as white bread. But, if you are like me, finding delicious alternatives to crackers and toast can be a challenge. Fortunately, Via is here to help! On her blog and on Instagram, she shares tasty alternatives to the carbs you crave. Next on my list to try? It’s her “Chocolate Berry Brownies!”

A photo posted by @ditchthecarbs on

Rita @ritaserano

Rita takes a wonderfully natural approach to everything that she creates. Even her photography has a down-to-earth, organic feel. If you like cooking with natural ingredients and are looking for a little inspiration, Rita’s Instagram and blog may be great places to start. Where am I going to start? With her “Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta with Roasted Vegetables,” of course!

A photo posted by Rita Serano (@ritaserano) on

Fanny @fannythefoodie

Fanny lives just a few minutes away from me, in Zurich, Switzerland. A self-proclaimed foodie, Fanny shares her inspiring natural dishes on her blog and her Instagram channel. With powerful purples, luscious greens and bright oranges, she paints a healthy canvas for her fans to enjoy and emulate. Next on my list to try? It’s her “Creamy Beetroot Pasta with Cashews and Pistachios.” I can’t wait!

A photo posted by Fanny (@fannythefoodie) on

Jo @healthyeating_jo

Jo focuses on plant-based healthy recipes that the entire family can enjoy. In addition to being nutritious, her creations are also works of art in and of themselves. I’m not kidding! Check out this amazing “Mixed Berry Zoothie Bowl” and you’ll see what I mean! I personally can’t wait to try this one out. It looks delicious.

A photo posted by ? Jo ? (@healthyeating_jo) on

Lynn @heavenlynnhealthy

Lynn shares a staggering range of delicious hot and cold dishes on her blog and Instagram page. Most of her recipes are gluten, meat, dairy and refined sugar-free, making them an excellent break from the processed foods that most of us encounter throughout the week. What’s next on my list to try? It’s her amazing “Thai Coconut Soup.”

Nina @nourish_atelier

There is something about the juxtaposition of the sophisticated dishes that Nina creates with the contemporary and clean settings that she places them in that I find satisfying and relaxing. She is more than just an inspiring cook; she is also a talented art director. I highly encourage you to check her out! Where am I going to start? With her “Portobello and Sweet Potato Burger.”

A photo posted by Nina Olsson (@nourish_atelier) on

Our grandkids are living in a world filled with refined sugar and simple carbs. Isn’t it time we looked for healthier options? These amazing healthy food bloggers allow us to do exactly that! I hope that you find their work inspiring.

What are your favorite healthy recipes? Which of the dishes mentioned in this article are you excited to try? Please join the conversation.

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