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Tom Hanks Reminds Us that Random Acts of Kindness Matter

By Margaret Manning March 15, 2015 Mindset

When it comes to volunteering and giving to charity, some of us feel like we need to make “big” contributions to make a difference. The truth, as Tom Hanks recently reminded us, is that small acts of kindness often matter the most.

As reported in the Los Altos Town Crier, Hanks, was recently spotted helping girl scouts to sell cookies. As other pedestrians started to realize who he was, he said that he would only let them take pictures if they agreed to purchase a few cookies too.

So, what’s the big deal? Who cares if Tom Hanks helps a few girls to meet their cookie quota? Actually, this random act of kindness is a very big deal. You see, kindness is a habit. Giving to charities that you believe in may help to change the world, but, helping others every day, in small ways, will change your heart and the hearts of others.

Kindness and generosity are contagious. When we take time out of our busy schedules to help a stranger, we demonstrate to those around us that this is how they should also behave.

Generosity can become a virtuous cycle. The more we help, the more others help. The more others help, the more we are encouraged to do the same.

I guarantee that every single one of those girls will remember the day that Tom Hanks stopped to help them. As one of the girls, Appanna, said, “I’m still on cloud nine… We did not know who he was (at first) because he covered his face with a baseball cap and glasses.”

The truth is that you don’t need to be a celebrity to make a difference in someone’s life. All you need to do is look for opportunities to make the world a better place, in small ways, every single day.

Are you a Tom Hanks fan, both on and off the screen? Do you agree that sometimes small random acts of kindness can change the world as much as giving to charity? Why or why not? Please join the conversation.

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