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Thinking About Losing Weight After 50? It’s Time to Get Social!

Let’s be honest. By the time we reach our 50s and 60s most of us have a few extra pounds tucked away for a rainy day. Unfortunately, losing weight after 50 is tough. Besides, in a world filled with a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store on every corner, having a calorie packed “rainy day fund” is about as useful as having a refrigerator at the North Pole.

Losing Weight After 50 is Possible

We all know that we need to get in better shape, but, if you’re like me, you probably aren’t a big fan of running in the park or going to the gym. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to stay in shape while being around other people. Here are a few of my favorites:

Take a Weight Loss Challenge

Trying to lose a little weight can be a lonely process. Why not hold yourself accountable, while having a little fun, by setting up your own weight loss challenge? All you need to do is find a friend who is willing to join you. Then, agree on how long you want the challenge to last and how often you will have “weigh-ins” to measure your progress. You can even use to publicly share your weight loss goals and keep each other accountable.

Lace Up Your Ice Skates

I don’t know about you, but, I used to love ice skating when I was a little girl. Growing up in Canada, there were always plenty of places to lace up my skates and head out onto the ice. But, ice skating isn’t just for kids. If your balance is reasonably good, why not ask a few friends to join you at the rink.

Ice skating may look easy, but, it’s actually an excellent way to burn calories. If you weigh 70 kilos (154 pounds), you can burn as much as 500 calories an hour, just by gliding around the rink! Ice skating also helps you to build muscle, improve your coordination and increase your cardiovascular health.

So, what are you waiting for? Call up a friend, lace up your ice skates (or rollerblades in summer!) and head out on the ice!

Get Back to the Great Outdoors

If hiking sounds like a lot of work for not much reward, maybe you’re walking in all the wrong places. One of the best things about hiking is that it gives you an opportunity to talk with your friends, while enjoying the great outdoors. has over 50,000 trail guides, so, it’s relatively easy to find a great walking spot in your area.

Another side benefit of hiking is that it gets us away from our computers for long enough for us to appreciate the great outdoors once again. And, in today’s “always on” culture, perhaps that’s the greatest gift of all!

Getting in shape after 50 isn’t about trying to look good for other people. The truth is that getting the most from life after 50 requires us to be in as good a shape as possible. So, let’s help each other to be successful. Let’s find friends to keep us motivated. Let’s commit to getting healthy. Let’s get out there and show the world that it’s possible to be in the best shape of your life in your 50s, 60s or beyond!

Do you enjoy working out by yourself? Or do you prefer to exercise in the company of others? What is your favourite sport or fitness activity? What do you think are the keys to losing weight after 50? Please let us know in the comments below.

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