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How to Change Your Skin Care as the Weather Changes

By Suzanne Blons October 03, 2022 Beauty

Have you ever turned on the heat or air conditioning in your house and felt your skin revolt? Maybe the dry, hot, blasting air dried up your face like a prune, or maybe the wet blanket of humidity made your skin drizzle lard?

Weather and temperature have a huge effect on your skin and navigating those shifts can be baffling. To that end, in this article we will go over some tried and true methods to work with your skin and the ever-changing weather to keep things plump and glowing, your face, that is.

One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I’m a woman. That is the way all females should feel.

Marilyn Monroe (Parade 2022)

With the positivity of Marilyn Monroe, let’s embark on the best strategies to manage temperature changes. Skin care at its most basic includes a good cleanser, moisturizer, C serum (in the morning), and retinol (in the evening). Modifying these products, as well as diet and daily habits can be the clincher for luscious skin through every season.

Going from warm to cold, how does your skin behave? Does it become dehydrated and chapped, or just slightly irritated? For example, as the temperature cools, at times it’s necessary to invest in a creamy cleanser (if you use a foaming cleanser) and a heavier moisturizer that is more hydrating and gentler. Much depends on the severity of the seasonal change, and also your general health.

Skin Care for Warm to Cold Temperatures

If your skin becomes noticeably drier in cold weather, try an oil or creamy cleanser like Bioderma Face Cleansing Oil, and a more deeply hydrating moisturizer like Image MD Restoring Moisturizer. Both are moderately priced and the Image MD moisturizer has the added bonus of having an SPF 50, important in all weather conditions.

Use your C serum daily through all weather, and, if your skin is much more irritated in cold weather, you might have to modulate your retinol use. Therefore, if you use a strong retinol every day in warm weather, you might have to switch to every other day as it cools down.

For you lucky ladies with oily skin, be sure that you use a foaming cleanser like Cetephil and adjust your moisturizer for the season to match your level of dryness. For example, CeraVe Oily Skin Moisturizer is great for all seasons, and during the winter consider avoiding a toner as that can cause undue dryness.

A little note on diet. Colder temperatures can mean an uptake in heavier types of foods and hot beverages. At times, this can tax the digestive system and affect your skin. Specifically, you will notice this in your under-eye area which shows how well your liver is doing.

One on-camera talent I worked with would, after a heavy lunch, look like a Panda no matter how much concealer I used on him! Once he did a cleanse, the issue greatly improved. Another suggestion is to increase your gut flora with supplements, which is never a bad idea no matter the season.

Skin Care for Cold to Warm Temperatures

About two months ago I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador to live, and consequently shifted from a brutally hot summer in Colorado, to what’s considered winter here in Ecuador. Cuenca sits at about 10,000 feet above sea level, so the temperatures are moderate, and locals are under the delusion that 50 degrees at night is cold!

Having lived in Colorado where 20 degrees is considered cold, the adjustment for me was in a higher humidity (it’s about 85% now) and no pollution. Amazing. As we shift into summer in October, I’m noticing I need far less moisturizer, and more sunscreen with a stronger sunshine and lots of time outdoors.

In fact, some days I don’t need moisturizer at all and my C serum in the morning is plenty of hydration. On days when I do need moisturizer, I use Tatcha Harper Water Crème. It’s hydrating without being heavy or oily. For a budget friendly version try Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Creme, it contains hyaluronic acid and a rich formula perfect for normal skin.

Another note on diet. In warmer months, we can tend to drink cold drinks which tax the system as much if not more than heavy foods in winter. I know about half of you just rolled your eyes at that comment but take into consideration that in Singapore if you ask for a drink, they give you warm water.

Singapore is 90 degrees on a good day with 95% humidity, so why the warm water? Warm drinks cool the system, while cold drinks actually heat it up! It feels counterintuitive, but it can benefit your skin to have a calmer system that doesn’t have to work so hard. If you have sensitive and irritated skin, maybe try altering this part of your diet.

Avoiding lard dripping down your face, being a walking prune, or having Panda eyes can keep anyone blessed enough to be a woman busy. Having said that, a little knowledge and the right strategies can make a huge difference and keep your skin happy no matter what the weather.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you notice any changes in your skin as the weather changes? Have you noticed something similar when you travel to different destinations? What do you do to compensate and properly care for your skin?

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