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Forget Anti-Aging Pills and Potions: Smiling Will Make You Younger

If I told you that I could offer you a free way to look more beautiful, be happier and feel healthier, would you be interested? No, I’m not selling an anti-aging pill. I am, of course, talking about the power of your smile to make you look and feel better.

Anti-Aging Pills are Expensive. Smiling is Free.

Smiling costs nothing and can make you feel as good as eating a box of Swiss chocolates or finding a $50 bill in an old jacket. Doing this one thing also makes you more attractive in the eyes of others, without having to change your makeup or clothes. It immediately puts you in a better mood by boosting endorphins in the brain that make you feel happier and less stressed.

Women in the Sixty and Me community have a lot on their minds and many feel invisible. Smiling has a magical power of bringing you into focus; people can’t ignore your smile because it just makes them feel better too!

According to Ron Gutman’s Ted Talk, your smile generates many superpowers. It can even be a predictor of how long you’ll live. He gives several examples of positive smile research, and mentions a study at Wayne state university.

People Who Smile May Even Live Longer

Researchers looked at pre-1950 baseball cards and determined that the width of the smile on a player’s face appeared to predict the length of his life. Players who were not smiling lived an average of 72.9 years, while players with big smiles lived on average to be 79.9 years old. Now, there may be several factors going on here, but, it’s a fascinating thought none-the-less. What if smiling more really can help us to live longer?

So, if you want to look great, live longer, make other people feel good, and command respect, just smile!

In fact, why not give it a try now? Imagine something that makes you feel great – a smiling grandchild, a happy memory or something that you are grateful for. Now make your face a mirror image of your heart. Share your smile with the world and it will reward you with love, happiness, and beauty. Now, that’s a fair trade if ever I saw one!

Do you find that smiling makes you feel happier? Do you also believe in the power of a smile to make your life better? Do you think that natural solutions are better than anti-aging pills and potions? Please leave your comments below.


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