If someone asked me to reveal the one thing (remember a thing not a person) that I couldn’t live without, I would immediately say my phone. That’s it. My world exists in that tiny device. I panic when I leave the house without it and am always astonished when I hear that the average person checks their mobile phones around 60 times a day.

I wonder what my mother would have thought if I had told her that our huge rotary party line phone would one day be a small device that would fit in her hand. I don’t think that she would have believed me!

However, putting aside my phone obsession, there are only a very few things that I would rush back into a burning house to retrieve. One is a small crystal heart. I have carried this item with me for over 20 years. It has travelled with me and been my inspiration and comfort. I hold it when I need to centre myself – in a way it’s kind of meditation crystal. The circumstances under which it was given to me – and the way that I felt at that moment – make this item irreplaceable.

My guess is that many women have a treasure like this, something that they feel they couldn’t live without. As people, we find meaning in symbolic items. They give us something to focus our memories on and, ultimately, grant us a measure of peace in a chaotic world.

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Do you have a secret treasure that gives you a sense of peace and calm? What is it and why is it so important for you? Was it a gift? Or did you purchase it yourself?

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