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When it Comes to Finding Happiness, Small Steps Make a Big Difference

By Margaret Manning October 17, 2018 Mindset

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the challenges that are presented by everyday life? Do you feel like finding happiness is a distant goal? You’re not alone!

Despite our best efforts to “live in the present,” most of us find ourselves regularly trapped between concern for the future and regrets from the past.

One of the problems with most self-help books and lifestyle gurus is that they seem to think that we can think our way to happiness and positivity. Not only is this impossible, but, it can even make the situation worse by making us feel guilty for not being strong enough to change our thoughts.

Finding Happiness in Your 60s is Possible

So, what’s the alternative? It’s simple.

Instead of thinking positive thoughts, start doing positive things. Instead of making big plans for the future, start doing small things every day that make you happy.

For example, making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight is almost certain to lead to failure and guilt. Going for a 5 minute walk right now and committing yourself to do the same every day, is a positive step that, over time, can put you on the path to happiness.

Don’t worry if your chosen task feels “too small.” If it moves you closer to your goals, it is worth doing! If you want to get in shape, start by walking 500 extra steps a day. If you want to make friends, focus on pursuing your own passions first. If you are focused on losing weight after 60, start by removing all of the large plates from your house.

Finding Happiness - If you want to feel happier, stop trying to think positive thoughts and start doing positive things.

What one small step are you going to take today to life a happier and healthier life? Will you do something physical? Or, will you take a small step towards making new friends, online or in the real world? Please join the conversation below.

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