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Where Have You Found the Best Plus Size Swimwear? Real Advice from Real Women

By Margaret Manning March 31, 2017 Beauty

Why is shopping for plus size swimwear so difficult? This is one of the many fashion related questions that we find ourselves facing as the winter weather melts away and we start thinking about summer.

In this article, rather than giving you a bunch of “tips” for choosing a bathing suit, I’d like to start a list of the best places to buy plus size swimwear. After all, what do the “experts” know about swimwear? Not much compared to the collective wisdom of the 500,000 women in our community!

Why Not Just “Wear Whatever You Want?”

Let’s be honest, by the time we reach our 50s and 60s, most of us are carrying a little extra weight. As long as we live a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with this. Over the years, we have learned that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.

At the same time, just because we have come to accept our bodies, this doesn’t mean that we don’t care about how we look. In fact, many of us believe that ignoring what other people think completely is the same as accepting invisibility. If we want to be seen, we need to think about what other people actually see.

Advice is Cheap… Actual Recommendations from Real Women Are Priceless

If you do a quick search for “plus size swimwear,” you will find plenty of articles telling you what to look for. The “experts” will tell you that “apple-shaped” should look for swimwear that draws the eyes downward. They say that stomach-shrinking suits and bright patterns are the way to go.

“Pear-shaped” women are told to draw attention to the top half of their bodies, while concealing their lower half. They recommend all of the “inis” – “tankinis” and “skirtinis.”

Whether or not you agree with this advice, chances are you already know what makes your body look great. After all, you’ve been living in your body for 50 years or longer. What you want is practical advice for actually finding plus size swimwear. In other words, you want the names ACTUAL SHOPS that women like you love.

So, to help solve this problem, I’d like to turn to the women in our community for advice. Let’s share our favorite places to shop for plus size swimsuits in the comments below. I’ll take the most popular suggestions and update this article with the final list.

Where have you found the best plus size swimwear? Do you shop at Macy’s, Swimsuits for All, Lane Bryant, Asos Curve or somewhere else? What do you find hardest about shopping for swimwear? Please join the conversation.

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