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Who Sells the Best Shoes for Older Women?

By Margaret Manning March 03, 2016 Beauty

Trust me when I say that no-one knows how difficult it is to find fashionable, safe and comfortable shoes for older women more than I do. Most of the time, I feel like I have two right feet.

One time, in Ibiza, I decided to skip down the street and ended up falling and breaking my arm. Another time, in Paris, I tripped on a cobble stone and fell on my face. I ended up cracking a tooth and feeling completely miserable for the rest of the trip.

Since then, I have put a much higher priority on finding practical shoes that keep me firmly connected to the ground. I’m happy to say that I haven’t fallen once since I started to take my footwear seriously.

The only problem is, I always feel like I am having to compromise between feeling stable and looking fashionable. Do you sometimes feel the same?

Where Are All of the Amazing Shoes for Older Women?

In any case, it occurred to me that finding shoes for older women is actually more difficult than it should be. After all, most of us have the same problems with our feet as we age.

Many of us suffer from sore feet and need a little more arch support. All of us want to feel safe as we explore the wonderful world around us. None of us wants to look unnecessarily frumpy or unfashionable.

With so many women over 60 in the world, it’s amazing to me that finding high-quality, fashionable footwear is so difficult.

This is actually an area that I think we can help each other out. We now have over 150,000 women in our community. We have all struggled with this issue and some of us have been more successful than others in finding amazing shoes for older women. So, I’d love to hear your favorite shoe brands and shoe stores. I’m sure that we will come up with plenty of good ideas for where to shop!

Please take a few minutes to join the conversation. We need your advice!

Who do you think sells the best shoes for older women? Is there a particular shoe brand that you have fallen in love with? Why?

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