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Hats Are Fascinating Items of Clothing for Women Over 60 (Video)

By Margaret Manning January 07, 2023 Makeup and Fashion

Do you love hats? So do I! I’m not sure why, but the older I get, the more I love looking for interesting hats and other accessories. Talking with the other women in the Sixty and Me community, it sounds like I’m not alone!

In a discussion with fashion for women over 60 expert Judith Boyd, The Style Crone, we talked about why hats are one of the most fascinating items of clothing for women over 60.

Judith has a particular passion for hats – actually, this is a bit of an understatement! She is probably more passionate about hats than any other woman I know!

Judith started her career as a psychiatric nurse and eventually started a hat shop because of her passion for hats. Her job allowed her to wear hats and it was sometimes a lovely topic of conversation between patients and health workers.

The hat shop is now closed, but Judith has a “hat room” in her home. She has never counted how many hats she owns and would probably be slightly embarrassed at the actual number. Let’s just say she has A LOT of hats!

Judith hardly leaves the house without a hat and her hats are categorized – work hats, evening hats, grocery shopping hats, etc.

I think that there’s something about hats that makes us more approachable. Judith mentions that it’s kind of a good introductory accessory. She says that she regularly gets compliments on her hats, and it’s an easy way for people to open a conversation with her. Hats are for introverts and extroverts alike. For us introverts, it’s an easy way to express ourselves when out in public.

I think that wearing a hat makes us, older women, more visible, and Judith agrees. Older women have their place in society and should feel good about themselves and feel free to contribute and share their unique energies.

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Where to Buy Hats for Older Women

Shopping for hats is a lot of fun, and I have put together a list of places that offer great quality hats at affordable prices.

Hats and Caps

I love berets! The Héritage par Laulhère Authentique Merino Wool Beret comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect accessory when you’re feeling a little “French”.

Hats and Caps


For the North American readers in our community, Nordstrom offers a wide array of beautiful hats every season, like this Teak Rancher Wool Fedora.

Val Diamond Wool Fedor


Find a wide variety of stylish hats for women at HATS.COM. They carry well-known hat brands like Kangol and Betmar to name a few. I love this Lucille Cloche Hat.

Hats in the Belfry

Looking for a hat for a special occasion? Hats in the Belfry will have what you need. How cute is this BELFRY FUMARI – BELFRY ITALIA.

Hats & Co.

This one may be a little more luxurious and a splurge for some, but I wanted to add it to my list.  Hats & Co. is one of the oldest hat shops in the world and is a favorite among international celebrities as well as the royal family. They design fedoras, Panama hats, pillbox hats, veils, and berets to name a few. 

I love this wide-brim Iris Panama hat with a rounded crown and Liberty print scarf detail. 


Let’s Have a Conversation:

What are your favorite fashion accessories and why? Do you find that your personal style has changed after your 60th birthday? Why or why not? Please join the discussion.

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Would love to wear hats. But, I’m short (barely 5′) with a round face (not overweight but have a full-ish face). Every hat I try, the crown is way too high. I end up looking like a mushroom! I’ve tried every style – but each and every time, the crown is too tall. And shopping online, none of the hat sellers state a crown height, and if you email them they don’t respond. Looking for advice on a style that would look proportional for my height and round face. thank you!

Pendy Johns

Personally, bags and Hats are my favourite accessories. Hats protect me from the sun and bags make me look even more stylish. Whether you’re 15 or 60 years old , hats are still essential to being an accessory.

Last edited 5 months ago by Pendy Johns

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