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Hats Are Fascinating Items of Clothing for Women Over 60 (Video)

Do you love hats? So do I! I’m not sure why, but the older I get, the more I love looking for interesting hats and other accessories. Talking with the other women in the Sixty and Me community, it sounds like I’m not alone!

  1. The Héritage par Laulhère Authentique Merino Wool Beret – Classic French beret…très chic!
  2. Packable Braided Paper Straw Panama Hat – Perfect traveling hat. Several color combos to choose from. 
  3. Lucille Cloche Hat – An asymmetrical cloche designed in a multi-colored braid material, finished with a velvet ban, looped trim, and pearl hardware detail. 
  4. BELFRY FUMARI – BELFRY ITALIA – casual fedora hat that has a summertime feel with its soft peach hues. It’s made from all-natural fibers. 
  5. PACK’N’GO COLLAPSIBLE SUN HAT – crafted from lightweight straw and can be effortlessly collapsed for convenient transportation.

In a discussion with fashion for women over 60 expert Judith Boyd, The Style Crone, we talked about why hats are one of the most fascinating items of clothing for women over 60.

Judith has a particular passion for hats – actually, this is a bit of an understatement! She is probably more passionate about hats than any other woman I know!

Judith started her career as a psychiatric nurse and eventually started a hat shop because of her passion for hats. Her job allowed her to wear hats and it was sometimes a lovely topic of conversation between patients and health workers.

The hat shop is now closed, but Judith has a “hat room” in her home. She has never counted how many hats she owns and would probably be slightly embarrassed at the actual number. Let’s just say she has A LOT of hats!

Judith hardly leaves the house without a hat and her hats are categorized – work hats, evening hats, grocery shopping hats, etc.

I think that there’s something about hats that makes us more approachable. Judith mentions that it’s kind of a good introductory accessory. She says that she regularly gets compliments on her hats, and it’s an easy way for people to open a conversation with her. Hats are for introverts and extroverts alike. For us introverts, it’s an easy way to express ourselves when out in public.

I think that wearing a hat makes us, older women, more visible, and Judith agrees. Older women have their place in society and should feel good about themselves and feel free to contribute and share their unique energies.

Types of Hats for Every Season

When it comes to hats for women, there are a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from. The choice of hat often depends on the occasion, the weather, and personal style. Here are some suggestions for hat styles appropriate for each season.

Spring Hats

Bucket hats – These hats are a versatile and practical choice for spring, as they can protect you from both rain and sun.

CHOK.LIDS Everyday Cotton Style Bucket Hat

CHOK.LIDS Everyday Cotton Style Bucket Hat

Cloche hats – A stylish and elegant choice for spring, these hats have a close-fitting bell shape that is flattering on many face shapes.

Gatsby Linen Cloche Hat with Lace Band and Flower

Gatsby Linen Cloche Hat with Lace Band and Flower

Wide-brimmed hats – These hats are perfect for the sunnier days of spring, providing both style and sun protection.

Sloggers Women's Standard Wide Brim Braided Hat

Sloggers Women’s Standard Wide Brim Braided Hat

Summer Hats

Sun hats – These hats are a must-have for summer, providing shade and protection from the sun. They come in a variety of styles, from floppy straw hats to more structured options.

Beach Floppy Hat 

Beach Floppy Hat 

Visors – For a sportier look, visors are a great choice. They keep your face shaded while allowing for maximum airflow and ventilation.



Fall Hats

Fedora hats – This classic style is perfect for fall, as it adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Look for fedoras in darker colors like brown, black, or navy to complement the season.

Classic Wide Brim Fedora Hat

Classic Wide Brim Fedora Hat

Berets – A chic and playful option for fall, berets can be worn with a range of outfits and add a touch of whimsy to any look.

CHAPEAU TRIBE Classic Stretchable Wool French Beret

CHAPEAU TRIBE Classic Stretchable Wool French Beret

Newsboy caps – This vintage-inspired style is perfect for the cooler days of fall, adding both warmth and style to your outfit.

Vintage Cabbie Hat

Vintage Cabbie Hat

Winter Hats

Beanies – The go-to winter hat for many, beanies are a cozy and practical choice for colder weather. Look for ones made from wool or cashmere for maximum warmth.

Knit Winter Thick Solid Fleece Lined Beanie

Knit Winter Thick Solid Fleece Lined Beanie

Faux fur hats – A luxurious and glamorous option for winter, faux fur hats add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Look for ones with ear flaps for added warmth.

Faux Fur Russian Hat

Faux Fur Russian Hat

Trapper hats – For the coldest winter days, trapper hats provide maximum protection from the elements. Look for ones made from waterproof materials like Gore-Tex to keep you warm and dry.

Eddie Bauer Superior Down Trapper

Eddie Bauer Superior Down Trapper

Types of Hats for Every Occasion

There are numerous hat styles that women over 50 can choose from for different occasions. 

Hats for Formal Occasions

  • Wide-brimmed floppy hats in neutral colors like black, white, or beige for weddings and other formal events.
  • Fascinators or dressy headbands with feathers or flowers for special occasions.
  • Berets or cloche hats in wool or cashmere for winter formal events.

Hats for Outdoor Activities

  • Baseball caps for a casual and sporty look while gardening, hiking, or running errands.
  • Sun hats or visors for protection from the sun while golfing or enjoying the beach or pool.
  • Bucket hats for a more practical option during rainy or windy weather.

Hats for Everyday Wear

  • Fedora hats in various colors and materials, such as wool, straw, or felt, for a classic and versatile look.
  • Newsboy caps or driving caps for a stylish and comfortable option for everyday wear.
  • Beanie hats or knit caps for colder weather and a more casual look.

Hats for Traveling

  • Packable hats, such as Panama hats or straw hats, that can be easily folded or rolled up for packing and are perfect for vacation.
  • Bucket hats or baseball caps for a more practical option for outdoor activities while traveling.
  • Wide-brimmed hats for protection from the sun while sightseeing or exploring new places.

Where to Buy Hats for Older Women

Shopping for hats is a lot of fun, and I have put together a list of places that offer great quality hats at affordable prices.

Hats and Caps

I love berets! The Héritage par Laulhère Authentique Merino Wool Beret comes in a variety of colors and is the perfect accessory when you’re feeling a little “French”.

Hats and Caps


For the North American readers in our community, Nordstrom offers a wide array of beautiful hats every season, like this Packable Braided Paper Straw Panama Hat. This is a lightweight and stylish hat made from braided paper straw. It features a classic Panama hat silhouette with a 3” wide brim and a simple color band. It can be easily packed for travel.


Find a wide variety of stylish hats for women at HATS.COM. They carry well-known hat brands like Kangol and Betmar to name a few. I love this Lucille Cloche Hat. Asymmetrically styled and made from a multi-colored braid material. It’s finished with a velvet band, looped trim, and pearl hardware detail. The hat is finished with Betmar’s signature pin and adjustable sweatband.

Hats in the Belfry

Looking for a hat for a special occasion? Hats in the Belfry will have what you need. How cute is this BELFRY FUMARI – BELFRY ITALIA. This casual fedora has a summertime feel with its soft peach hues. Made of all-natural fibers, it features a braided straw hat band made with frayed linen. The Fumari is light and comfortable, keeping you cool throughout the summer. Designed by Ferruccio Vecchi from Italy.

Hats & Co.

This one may be a little more luxurious and a splurge for some, but I wanted to add it to my list.  Hats & Co. is one of the oldest hat shops in the world and is a favorite among international celebrities as well as the royal family. They design fedoras, Panama hats, pillbox hats, veils, and berets to name a few. 

I love this PACK’N’GO COLLAPSIBLE SUN HAT. This collapsible sun hat is designed to be hassle-free both when wearing and traveling. It is crafted from lightweight straw and can be effortlessly collapsed for convenient transportation. This sun hat makes for an ideal companion for your summer vacation.



Let’s Have a Conversation:

What are your favorite fashion accessories and why? Do you find that your personal style has changed after your 60th birthday? Why or why not? Please join the discussion.

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Would love to wear hats. But, I’m short (barely 5′) with a round face (not overweight but have a full-ish face). Every hat I try, the crown is way too high. I end up looking like a mushroom! I’ve tried every style – but each and every time, the crown is too tall. And shopping online, none of the hat sellers state a crown height, and if you email them they don’t respond. Looking for advice on a style that would look proportional for my height and round face. thank you!

Pendy Johns

Personally, bags and Hats are my favourite accessories. Hats protect me from the sun and bags make me look even more stylish. Whether you’re 15 or 60 years old , hats are still essential to being an accessory.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pendy Johns

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