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Boomers, Would You Like to Take a Space Trip?

By Margaret Manning July 26, 2015 Lifestyle

Most baby boomers remember the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing like it was yesterday. In fact, you could argue that this significant event represents much of what is unique about our generation. We saw, during out most pivotal years, that anything is possible. For boomers, the sky, most definitely, was not the limit. For better or for worse, we went on to challenge the status-quo at every stage of our lives.

I sometimes wonder whether kids today will be similarly influenced by the new space race, which has companies like Virgin Galactic and XCOR Space Expeditions, fighting to establish a foothold in space. Will space travel bring the world together in the same way that it united us as a country? Only time will tell.

In a way, our generation is fortunate when it comes to space travel. Not only are we young and healthy enough to be able to consider going into space, but, we may actually be able to afford it when the price drops. Virgin Galactic is currently offering seats into space for $250,000, but, give it 5-10 years and space travel may be accessible to many of us. To give you a taste of what Virgin Galactic is working on, here’s a short video. Please take a look and then I have a question for you.

So, here’s my question. Setting aside cost for a second, is taking a trip into space on your bucket list? Or, are you comfortable watching the next generation of space explorers from a distance? Please take a second to vote. Then, please join the conversation at the end of this article.

Was the Apollo 11 moon landing an important event in your life? Why or why not? How much would the cost of taking a space trip have to decrease before you would give it a shot? Or, is there no price at which you would try it? Please join the discussion.

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