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20 Sure Ways to Wake Up Feeling Positive

By Joan Frances Moran August 22, 2023 Mindset

Have you ever spent a night in fitful sleep, had disturbing dreams or just awakened at 3 a.m. with a mind so active you had to take a sleeping pill? Or are those just redundant questions?

As I’ve gotten older, now in my late 70s, I’ve noticed that it’s darn difficult to wake up with a clear head and get out of bed with my twinkle toes moving swiftly to my yoga mat or out the door to swim my half mile.

My mouth is dry and my body does not want to move in any direction. Sitting up takes way too much effort.

Is this any way to greet the world? Is this your best face, your sharpest mind, or your most presentable body? You simply feel like the ogre in Shrek. Grumpy describes your attitude, and that’s not a good look.

Maybe there are items on your day’s agenda that you just have to get done, like grocery shopping. Or it could be that you are your grandchild’s designated nanny for the day. Or perhaps there are unfinished plans for a bathroom renovation. Sounds like a prescription to go back to bed.

Let’s change this picture.

Here are 20 ways to wake up positive and stay happy, stress free and energized with creative fervor all day every day.

Don’t Move a Muscle

When you first wake up, lie still and continue to experience a state of relaxation. Ease into the present. Let your mind and body connect without jarring movements.

Try to Remember Your Dreams

Most people will say they cannot remember their dreams or that they don’t dream at all. We all dream multiple times during the night. You can train your mind to remember your dreams by lying absolutely still in the morning.

Dreams reflect our unconscious feelings. It’s worth paying attention to your unconscious emotional state – you might be enlightened.

Align Your Energy

When you first wake up, align your body’s energy points with a straight spine so that energy can move through your body unobstructed. Imagine how energy flows from the crown of your head to your toes.

Shrug your shoulders back and feel your pelvic bones rooting into your mattress. Note your body’s stillness. Then breathe deeply for several minutes as you let your thoughts float by like clouds passing in front of you.

Meditate and Breathe

Waking up the body is different for everyone; some people have slower rhythms than others. If your thoughts are running amok, breathe deeply for several minutes.

If you prefer to meditate sitting up, slowly roll out of bed and sit on a pillow, back against the wall or bed and spend time (at the beginning 2 – 5 minutes) sitting quietly.

Don’t Attach

Don’t attach to thoughts when you wake up. You’ve got the whole day to do that. Attachment fosters illusion rather than reality and causes stress and anxiety.

Consider What Makes You Happy

Choose three things that make you happy. Turn up the corners of your mouth into a big smile. Your happy thoughts will be forefront in your consciousness all day long.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Your inner clock will begin to nudge you. It’s at this moment that you begin the gratitude phase of waking up: name five things you are grateful for and smile.

Give Yourself a Break

Women are hard on themselves. We always think we aren’t prepared or articulate enough. We think we should try harder to be all that we can be. The truth is, all women are better at those things than they think they are.

Get Rid of the Negative Thoughts

Having negative thoughts at the beginning of your day is definitely a bad risk for your well-being. Your brain wants to go into negative mode first. It’s human nature of dwell on the negative. Resist the negative, and put a positive spin on your most pressing issue. Turn the negative into a positive.

Think Yes Instead of No

‘No’ means resistance is at work, while ‘Yes’ means possibilities and opportunities. ‘Yes’ means being strong and willing to cross over a mental threshold and be surprised.

Stay Present

Make an intention to stay present during the day. If you delve into future or past thoughts, do your best to reconnect with the present moment. The power of the day is in the now.

Eliminate Something from Your Day

Make an intention to eliminate a superfluous activity from your day. It could become a practice to give up something daily. Non-attachment is good for the soul.

Be with Happy People

Intentionally surround yourself with joyful, happy people during the day. Walk away from energy drains – people, places and things that stand in the way of your happiness and keep you stuck in the quicksand of the day.

Take on Positive Pursuits

Invest in positive pursuits during the day. Keep the negatives away. Do something that brings joy into your life: go to the gym, eat a healthy lunch or call someone and acknowledge the gift of that person’s friendship.

Stay off One Social Media a Day

Eliminate one social media outlet a day. Stay off Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and rely on your own energy to keep you positive.

Be Mindful at All Times

Assess how you feel inside each day. Self-reflection is like taking your emotional and spiritual temperature. You don’t need to know how things work or understand the meaning of life. Life just is. Live it.

Give No Excuses, No Blame

It’s human nature to make excuses and to apply blame when things are not going well. Make an intention to take full responsibility for what you do every day.

Embrace Daily Challenges

Life is an opportunity to be the best that you can be. If you are thirsty, drink; if you are hungry, eat. Everything you do has meaning and purpose and affects your creativity.

Exercise and Listen to Music

Daily exercise promotes positive attitudes. Your neurotransmitters will be sparking away all day. Exercise in the morning – that morning walk is also meditative – noontime or evening. But do at least 20 minutes daily for good heart health.

Music also promotes positive attitudes by stimulating your neurotransmitters. Open your eyes, turn on your favorite music, dance into the kitchen, and make a great breakfast.

Have fun. Have so much fun!

Dive into the day with positive energy and full consciousness, and greet your day as a gift to cherish. Your life will take on new meaning.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What is the first thing you normally think about when you wake up? What morning rituals get your day off to a great start? Please share your experiences below!

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Geraldine Martinsen

Good Morning! Day one of trying this. Feel better already💋

Teresita Abad

This is so motivating!


Good morning! Of course I always think about the things I have to do when I first wake up. But I have a passion for sewing and usually have a project going… Or if not, i’m mentally creating a new project.. I also volunteer volunteer at a wonderful swimming pool..l manage the staff so it’s very fun and exciting to think about that also.. I run a charity sewing group and that keeps me busy too.. I will soon be seventy three , A widow, And living on my security it’s skimpy, and I have a severe back injury.. I find by keeping my mind busy and my schedule Busy. The days just buzz bye. And I am generally happy and content..


What a full life you have Patz…those projects must be very gratifying!


Thank you, I hope you are busy and happy too.🙂


The first thing, actually it things, I think of is all the things that I am worried about. Feel anxious and negative. I will try the stillness first thing, and the other suggestions. Thank you for practical pointers

Michelle Westman

The first thing I think about when I wake up is my list of things I need to do throughout my day, but I will definitely take into consideration these points and tap into gratitude! Thank you for this :)

The Author

Joan Moran is a keynote speaker, commanding the stage with her delightful humor, raw energy, and wealth of life experiences. She is an expert on wellness and is passionate about addressing the problems of mental inertia. A yoga instructor, Joan is the author of her wise and funny memoir, "60, Sex, & Tango, Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer" and "I'm the Boss of Me! Stay Sexy, Smart & Strong At Any Age". Her latest book, a thriller titled “An Accidental Cuban” is now available on Amazon. Check out Joan's website and follow on Twitter @joanfmoran.

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