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3 Reasons to Consider Working After Retirement that Have Nothing to Do with Money

By Margaret Manning September 24, 2015 Managing Money

Many women over 60 are working after retirement. There is often a financial reason for continuing to work after the traditional retirement age, whether it’s to pay medical bills, to make retirement savings last longer, or to adjust to life after a divorce. Working after retirement “just because we need the money” often creates a sense of regret that something is being missed.

But in reality, continuing to work after retirement has many benefits that have nothing to do with money. Although having a little extra cash enables other choices, working after traditional retirement age can bring many other benefits in addition to the financial considerations.

Here are a few reasons why working in a paid or voluntary job after retirement might be the most positive thing you can do to maintain a happy and healthy life:

Keep Your Brain and Body Active

Many women feel a bit unfocused, isolated or emotionally adrift after retirement, because they find that they’ve lost a sense of daily productivity and purpose.

Working after retirement keeps you healthier mentally and physically. It gives your life a routine and offers new challenges that keep you curious and creative. This mental energy might even enable you to live a longer healthier life!

Even if you work from home, working will give you opportunities to get moving and learn new things.

Maintain Social Connections

Working after retirement can help women maintain a sense of purpose and meaning in their daily lives. Having the structure and connections of a job, even if it’s part-time, can help to prevent loneliness.

Working allows you to continue to meet interesting people, and might even put you in a position to meet new dating partners or fall in love again. Working after retirement also gives you the opportunity to learn from younger people, learn about different cultures, and mentor younger women and men to share your wisdom!

Keep Up to Date with Technology

Being in the workplace keeps you aware of innovation and new technologies. It gives you access to new perspectives and advances in health care (which you will need in your 80’s and beyond). Whatever business you are in, technology is evolving and you’ll be exposed to new ideas; working after retirement enables you to be a lifelong learner.

There are countless possibilities to reinvent yourself for this new stage of work and life. Why not start today?

What are your thoughts on this? Have you decided to work after retirement? If so, are you doing it for love, for money, or both? Please leave a comment below.

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