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5 Natural Facial Products That You Can Make At Home

By Margaret Manning July 17, 2014 Beauty

Many women over 60 are interested in keeping our skin healthy as we get older, and there is a growing awareness that a lot of store-bought products have unnecessary and sometimes harmful ingredients.

Instead of treating our faces with chemicals, there are options for various natural facial products and natural facial cleansers that we can use to keep looking our best without irritating our skin – and many of these products can be made at home!

How to Make Natural Facial Products at Home

Making your own homemade facial products is a way to express your independent and creative nature, while also helping to save money on cosmetics. Using homemade skin care products allows you to ignore anti-aging products that cost a fortune and make everything you need.

For example, if you are travelling and forget your skin care products, you can just go to a local grocery store and buy coconut oil, olive oil and some sugar – just these simple ingredients will provide makeup remover, cleanser, face cream, lip gloss and scrub!

These types of natural facial products are also a good way to reconnect with some family traditions, perhaps by using a favorite skin care technique or recipe that your mother or grandmother taught you.

Here are a few of our favorite natural facial products – and ideas and recipes to make them yourself!

Natural Homemade Soap

Many commercially made soaps contain harsh chemicals, intense fragrances and other ingredients that can leave you feeling less than fully “clean.” Instead of spending money on abrasive, irritating soap, you can make your own lovely homemade soaps that are infused with the fragrances of nature.

Use this recipe to make homemade lavender-scented soap – the ingredients include glycerin soap base, lavender and rosemary leaves, lavender and rosemary oil, and a few others. You can make soap with fresh herbs that you grow in your garden! This is definitely one of my favorite natural facial products!

Natural Homemade Soap

Natural Lip Balm

All natural beeswax lip balm can be surprisingly expensive at the grocery store – but you can save money and have fun by making your own lip balm at home! Use this recipe to make natural lip balm from coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil and a few other ingredients. The steps are easy to follow, and it’s fun to watch the lip balm progress from a few simple ingredients to a finished product.

Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

One of the most underrated natural skin care products, which is starting to be more widely appreciated, is coconut oil. Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer for your entire body, but it can also be used as a natural makeup remover.

In this video, makeup artist Kristen Arnett tells us why coconut oil works so well – and offers suggestions for how you can include coconut oil in your daily skin care routine.

Natural Face Cream

You don’t have to use chemical-based moisturizing face cream! There are options to make your own face cream at home using natural ingredients. For example, try this recipe for natural moisturizing face cream made with olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel and a few other simple natural ingredients.

Isn’t it refreshing and reassuring to think that you could use natural facial products made from ingredients that are literally good enough to eat?

Natural Facial Scrub

Just because a facial scrub is supposed to help you exfoliate doesn’t mean it has to be full of harsh chemicals. Try this recipe for a natural facial scrub made with honey, lemon, yogurt and mashed strawberries! The naturally occurring acids and vitamins in the ingredients will help lighten, smooth and exfoliate your skin, without chemical harshness.

Draw upon your own wisdom and experience – what are some natural facial products that have worked for you? Leave a comment below and let us know. 


Want to embrace natural makeup for older women but don’t feel like you have space in your makeup bag? In this video, I sit down with professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole to discuss the benefits of embracing natural makeup that enhances our look without damaging our skin.

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